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by Rich_Pharmacist
Sat 20. Aug 2016, 15:41
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: hi all!
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Re: hi all!

Hi rafaruto !! :yoman: :yoman:
by Rich_Pharmacist
Sat 16. Jul 2016, 02:46
Forum: CEONSS Public Server
Topic: Zombiepoll: ONS-SPAMBOX-Revisited; 08.May -15.May 2016
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please let us play this fucking awesome map,

so we can relax our fingers a little bit after a long and exhausting space cargo or veni vidi vici :idea:

who agrees ? :cool2cool:
by Rich_Pharmacist
Sat 16. Jul 2016, 02:35
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Happy birthday Hyden
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Re: Happy birthday Hyden

happy birthday hyden !!!! sorry i'm late but i really mean it ! i wish you the best ! always a pleasure to play with you :yippiiieh: :yippiiieh: :yippiiieh: here is my present :loveit: : the sexiest woman on earth, and guess what ??? she's canadian, fuck yeah ! :idea: http://wallpaper.pickywallpaper...
by Rich_Pharmacist
Tue 31. May 2016, 00:21
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist
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Hello I am Rich_Pharmacist

Hi everybody ! My name is Chris and I am 27 yrs old :wave: I have played this game when i was 17 from 2005 to 2006, a lot of assault (the demo map) and instagib (bridge of fate and face classic) Then i went on to study :smartass: so i stopped playing and then reinstalled this game back in 2010. I pl...

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