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by SysX
Wed 7. Mar 2018, 15:22
Forum: Reports, Bans & Appeals
Topic: Banned fatherof
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Re: Banned fatherof

isnt this reporting thing getting out of hand?
by SysX
Mon 19. Feb 2018, 10:11
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Happy Birthday Eman
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Re: Happy Birthday Eman

Ow seems I'm a bit too late, but still happy bday overlord ema :p
by SysX
Sat 17. Feb 2018, 11:58
Forum: General
Topic: Tips and Tricks
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Tips and Tricks

Ok I'm gonna try to explain a faster dodge jump, hope I can explain this right. So normally when you dodge jump, most ppl hold down the forward/backward key's (W/S) and then double tap with the left/right (A/D) key's -> spacebar. If you want to have a faster dodge jump you have to hold down the left...
by SysX
Mon 25. Dec 2017, 10:28
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Moin
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Re: Moin

Those strafes, wonderfull :D.

I use a custom xhair for hitscan weapons, it's in the link.
The name of the xhair is L2-s, there are pics too in the link :) ... sshairs-v8
by SysX
Mon 25. Dec 2017, 10:22
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: What's your pc rig?
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Re: What's your pc rig?

My humble specs, Motherboard: ASUS STRIX Z270H GAMING Processor: Intel i7700k @4.66ghz Graphic card: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Memory: 16GB DDR4 XMP Power supply: 800W (forgot the manufacturer) Case: Thermaltake Armor+ SSD: 850 EVO 500G Keyboard: Razor blackwidow ultimate Mouse: Logitech g500 Monito...
by SysX
Mon 25. Dec 2017, 10:13
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Merry Christmas!
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Re: Merry Christmas

Merry xmass all woohoo \o/
by SysX
Sat 16. Dec 2017, 14:24
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Funny pictures thread
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Funny pictures thread


That's me after getting a day of asswhooping ^^
by SysX
Sat 16. Dec 2017, 13:28
Forum: General
Topic: No Fog HAX
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No Fog HAX

Man do you really have text to speech turned on ingame, on topic I thought it was all fun and games.
You don't cheat so don't bother m8

Small request for you, don't jump into a tank when we have a 1v1 dm ^^ damn that triggers me man <3
by SysX
Wed 13. Dec 2017, 16:30
Forum: General
Topic: Teambalancer weird way of balancing?
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Teambalancer weird way of balancing?

Just wanted to drop this here, I don't know how the balancer works, but putting 1 player with a full bot team against a team full of players doesn't seem right. Screen for evidence: This was after the balancing took place. Now I'm at it I noticed so...
by SysX
Tue 21. Nov 2017, 22:15
Forum: CEONSS Match Server
Topic: Probably Friendly Match ONS+ICTF?
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Probably Friendly Match ONS+ICTF?

look a page back I posted all of the maps. Got some ICTF maps to share, maybe if someone feels like to look at it and get a vote up for 2-3 maps? Rankin-PRO: FP-Anfractous2-PRO:

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