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by Miauz55555
Mon 16. Apr 2018, 21:00
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: hi to one an all
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Re: hi to one an all

Finaly a real Knight, wellcome to CEONSS forum. You may want to join the Steam Group and the awesome discord channel as well. Steam Group: Discord-Invite-link: GT: Have fun...
by Miauz55555
Mon 9. Apr 2018, 21:30
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Server down
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Server down

Our host is down at the moment. Host seems to be fine again. So the server is back up. Discord-Invite-link: Steam Group: GT: Server IP CEONSS: ut2004://
by Miauz55555
Sun 8. Apr 2018, 13:46
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: Manta Climbing Walls (Bug/Feature) UT2004
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Manta Climbing Walls (Bug/Feature) UT2004

Ok I don't get this Bug. Or at least it's not only the BV. I made something and the Bug appeared. Don't know why. No BV and no vertex editing at all. So I made a minimum working example: From a new file. ⋅ I have one big Substract Brush (7168x32768x24576). ⋅ Two ...
by Miauz55555
Sat 7. Apr 2018, 00:20
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: What's your pc rig?
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What's your pc rig?

That one looks very durable. Nice.
by Miauz55555
Fri 30. Mar 2018, 13:25
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: MusicBox
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♫Nightcore♫ Born For Greatness [Papa Roach] Nightcore - Naughty Naughty- Porcelain Black 「Nightcore」→ Royalty - Conor Maynard Katjuscha (Katjuscha) - Aleksandr Marshal ...
by Miauz55555
Tue 27. Mar 2018, 20:14
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: Creative Corner Sitemap
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Creative Corner Sitemap

So as the search for speacial map topics can be a pain I decided to make a Sitemap with links. May a little summary later on. All who can are invited to make maintenance to this list. Ideas for Maps, stuff that is not finished for the server yet, and other things: ⋅  Map idea, thoughts? &s...
by Miauz55555
Mon 26. Mar 2018, 19:29
Forum: Announcements
Topic: New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.
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Re: New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.

Btw. My E-Mail notifications are working again.
by Miauz55555
Sun 25. Mar 2018, 01:42
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Hi all, i'm Fission!
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Hi all, i'm Fission!

Wellcome to the forum Fission! Very nice to play with you. Nice that you like the maps and the server. We try our best, and you (as all others) are wellcome to help out if you want. Map feedback for example, or just post something in the other sections is very wellcome. We also have a DiscordServer:...
by Miauz55555
Fri 23. Mar 2018, 22:29
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: ONS-Europa-C-M5
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Nice Gloups! Now the minimap looks better than the map. =D

Btw: This it the secret room. If you can't find it, you can use the tip I posted up there.
Shot00458_3-23-2018_ONS-Europa-C-M5.jpg (67.92 KiB) Viewed 111 times

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