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by Cat1981England
Sat 30. Dec 2017, 21:27
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Happy Birthday Daly!
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Happy Birthday Daly!

Happy womb escape day Dialup :cheers:
by Cat1981England
Fri 8. Dec 2017, 19:20
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: And, i'm back.
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Re: And, i'm back.

Welcome back Stone!
by Cat1981England
Fri 27. Oct 2017, 23:44
Forum: CEONSS Match Server
Topic: Probably Friendly Match ONS+ICTF?
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Probably Friendly Match ONS+ICTF?

Miauz55555 wrote:They are not so long.

:lol: Steady on Miau!
by Cat1981England
Fri 20. Oct 2017, 21:35
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: MusicBox
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by Cat1981England
Tue 17. Oct 2017, 15:21
Forum: Announcements
Topic: New Boss
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New Boss

Good news girls and boys! I'm standing down as administrator to spend more time editing, while Eman has very, VERY kindly agreed to take over ownership of the server and become our new god queen. This should be a much better use of skills/time and result in a better server for us all. She has done a...
by Cat1981England
Sun 8. Oct 2017, 09:34
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: ONS-Shipdock-Assault-C
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- Changed projectile jumppads back to the standard version and changed the emitter colours back to orange.
- Changed the radar map so it now has the scrolling lines from Battlefront which i believe Crusha made.

Thank you everyone for your help :clap:
by Cat1981England
Sun 8. Oct 2017, 09:15
Forum: Announcements
Topic: New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.
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Re: New forum bug, feedback and suggestions.

E, do you have German set as your default language in - User Control Panel - Edit global settings - My language:?
by Cat1981England
Sat 7. Oct 2017, 10:26
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: Karma thing
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Karma thing

PS: If you can't find the GoodKarma package still hosted anywhere online (it includes many versions in the same archive up to build 99 beta 4.0, plus documentation, I believe), I still have it somewhere here, so lemme know and I'll put it up for you. If you could post a copy that would be great :th...
by Cat1981England
Sat 7. Oct 2017, 10:23
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: ONS-SavoIsland-K-D-C
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Yes please GL, that would be a huge help :thumbup:

Thank you.
by Cat1981England
Tue 3. Oct 2017, 21:18
Forum: Map Troubleshooting & Feedback
Topic: MTMU
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Yes, thank you Zon3r.

I didn't forget about this, i just haven't had time to fix it.

Also want to add for any possible bug fixing volunteers, there's an invisible blocking volume above node 5 or 9 (can't remember). It's a build error, not an actual volume.

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