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by Cat1981England
Thu 22. Jun 2017, 20:08
Forum: CEONSS Match Server
Topic: ADMINS VS PLAYERS!!! - Sunday 25th June
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ADMINS VS PLAYERS!!! - Sunday 25th June

I would like nothing more then to help the master race show the yellow peasants (spits on ground) how to play ONS :firedevil:

I'm working on Sunday and I don't think i'm going to get home in time to play, but i'll try my best.

Add me to the 'maybe' list :thumbup:
by Cat1981England
Mon 19. Jun 2017, 19:53
Forum: General
Topic: in-game player ID
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in-game player ID

I've never looked into this, but as i understand it, if you use the same Username and Password as you do now, your Epic ID should remain the same after you reinstall.
by Cat1981England
Sun 18. Jun 2017, 05:21
Forum: Reports, Bans & Appeals
Topic: hardspikeEats...
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We'll speak to this player as soon as we see them. Thanks for the heads up.
by Cat1981England
Sat 10. Jun 2017, 23:19
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: ONS-Aggressive-Alleys-C
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Thanks Gaff :thumbup: On the first edit it was virtually impossible to get a vehicle up onto the rooftops, but people didn't like it, which is why it was made possible again. Personally i don't have too much of an issue with it because not only is it fairly easy to counter, but it also adds an extra...
by Cat1981England
Fri 9. Jun 2017, 21:36
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: Funny videos
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Funny videos

As it came up tonight, Bridge on the River Kwai, Top Gear style.

by Cat1981England
Sun 4. Jun 2017, 23:59
Forum: Off Topic
Topic: MusicBox
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by Cat1981England
Sun 4. Jun 2017, 23:56
Forum: The Creative Corner
Topic: ONS-Stonewall-VK-C
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Dalyup! wrote:Do you remember what you did to get rid of it Cat?

I thought it was a clash between the skyzoneinfo and zoneinfo. Perhaps it was something else that accidentally fixed it. Give me a couple of days and i'll try and find the problem.
by Cat1981England
Tue 30. May 2017, 20:21
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Happy Birthday aftertwobowls
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Re: Happy Birthday aftertwobowls

HB Bowls!
by Cat1981England
Sat 20. May 2017, 19:54
Forum: The Players Lounge
Topic: Hi i'm Mayv!n
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Hi i'm Mayv!n

Hey Mayvin, welcome to the forum :wave:
by Cat1981England
Thu 18. May 2017, 19:54
Forum: CEONSS Public Server
Topic: The Map Roster
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The Map Roster

As requested, the map pack has been updated. Link in the first post. Also included just this once is the texture file PC_UrbanTex.utx because at least one of you had a file conflict issue. This files comes with the ECE bonus pack, so you only need to overwrite if you are having issues with this file...

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