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Post by Sedoy » Tue 27. Jun 2017, 10:41

Hello everyone, i have finally finished the next map! It actually didn't take too much time but i didn't have time to work on it either.
About map: now i want to finish with urban theme and move out to the nature and fresh air... )
the main theme of the map is taken from one default map named ctf-citadel. Long time ago i wanted to create something like this...
The map looks like classical onslaught maps and it is much simpler than my previous map Sunrise-Sed.
There are vehicles, nodes, super weapons, swamps rocks, etc...
There is no need to describe it much, so here i will stop. )
I hope you will like it. :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/bhtqew0xa622u ... s.rar?dl=0

ONS-Citadels-SedV2-C 01/08/17
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Post by Sernemissza » Wed 28. Jun 2017, 08:08


You know me, so i will be honest and trying to be objective.
I would like to leave the nice things to the end and let go of the unpleasant first.

The influence of the environment on the development of anxiety will lead me to the darks side...
...but your post-apocalyptic city was awesome, so you made me curious.
I feel a little simplicity, i hope it comes with game speed.

Under the dark environment the weapon fires will looks awesome.
The open area offers good vehicle battles.
Lots of nodes with well edited link setups - i smell long games!

Conclusion: i can't wait to see your map! :cool2cool:

I have a dream!
I like the egyptian design, so my dream match works in a huge pyramid with catacombs, where a few tricky room exist.

Redeemer room: it's large enough, so you can't dodge in, pick up the deemer and dodge out.
When you pick up the deemer, the the walls will approach you and finish you as strawberry jam.

Spider room: after you enter the room to pick up the spider mines, the door will lock and a huge spider will appear from nowhere and cut off your head.
(Just imagine with Wormbo's headshot mutator!)

Shield room: full shield and health pack lays on the middle part of the room, but it also has lots of small holes.
Stepping into the middle a part of the floor will collapse, and you fell into the slim but long steel spikes.

Amplifier room: when you want to pick up the double damage, a huge fan sucks you in.

Map suggestions to edit:

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Post by Sedoy » Wed 28. Jun 2017, 12:13

Hey Serne! Yes i know you :). First of all thank you for your reply, i appreciate it, your idea is also interesting but we may discuss it a little bit later. If map seems to be too dark, there a little changes can be made... For example: to make a sky brighter etc...

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Post by Miauz55555 » Fri 30. Jun 2017, 10:06

Hey Sedoy,

thanks for mapping. Overall it's a nice one and I can copie the most of Serns post. I don't think it's to dark, actually I like the look.. the lighting is fitting. :thumbup:

Some things to improve:
  1. FPS is for me around 75.
  2. Killz (red line) is under the "worldroom".. if you fall down you survive. Make it to -3000 that should fit. You can dive under some blocking volumes.. not a real problem when killz is set right.
  3. DistanceFogEnd: lower it. 80.000 to to much.. the normal tank has a range from around 25.000 all other stock weapons have less, don't know how far the balista comes. Maybe something like 30.000. More makes no sence without a Mino on a map, because the players will just yell why they can't hit the Tank on the other side of the map which they can see.
  4. DistanceFogEndMin: is for players with lower gpu power.. that's the lever what you can use in the normal ingame menue.. it will show you 100% from the DistanceFogEnd if it's right and show you the min value if it's left.. all other are percents of that. Put it to 10.000 so players with an old GPU have the chance to lower it.
  5. DistanceFogColour: Maybe A=0 B=18 G=15 R=9 fits better (not perfect).. may play with it.. that is difficult.
  6. Put a LokationName in the ZoneInfo
  7. May put a Description and a LevelEnterText in the LevelProporties
  8. If you put the SunLights insite the Skybox it may look better.
  9. Some of the trees (CD 20.000) and other bigger SM (CD 25.000) (The rock in the midle has 15.000.. set that and the big arms to 0) pop into few.. the CulDistance should somehow fit to the DistanceFogEnd.
  10. The TerrainInfo->DecoLayers FadetoutRadius is way to high with 15000 ; 5000.. 3000 ; 1000 sounds better.. maybe 5000 ; 1000 will also work.
  11. May lower the dense from the DecoLayers
  12. The Teleporter in the Base on the Tower.. lower the whole struckture a bit.
  13. To many Mantas. Remove them from the Node where are 2 of them and may put a normal Hellbender to it insted.
  14. The terrain needs a litle smoothing.. hard to show where.. mostly on top of the montains and in the near of the water. Use the wirefram mode in the edito to see it better.
  15. The 4 midle nodes. The Towers can shoot eache other and the other Nodes. May just one Turret. May lower the SphereHeigh a bit or/and put something in the way/ move the Turret.
  16. Not sure about the Raptor and the Manta in at the midle Notes.
  17. To many Tanks. The winning team will have 7 + Badgers. Either remove some of them, increase the RespawnTime to something like 50 s (for the tanks at the nodes), use other vehicles for the attacker and defender (like give the defender the tank and the attacker a Scorpion), or a combination from all.
  18. A bit many vehicles overall.
  19. The two "wooden" bridges: You have very complex blockingVolumes and collisions from the SM at true.
  20. May exchange the clasicSniper at the core/ or on all nodes with the lightniggun. Would look nice and fit to the other lightnings.
  21. Put a RocketLancher in ever weapon locker.. it's better to play with it with a higher ping.
  22. Remove the MineLayer from the weapon locker.. put it somewhere (maybe at the core) as pick up with maybe one additional ammo. To many spiders and you will get more lag.. and it's not funny to get spamed with spiders all over.
  23. Make the hill in the midle a litle higher and put a big square AntiPortal in it.
  24. RespawnTime from the Cobras, Aegis and the Badgers are to low (15s). They are more like tanks which should 30s. The HellBenders versions should be 20 s.
  25. The big white stones.. I think they look wrong with there texture.. may add an other skin to them.
  26. Use the CustomWeaponLockers insted the normal one. (You than get all extra ammo without throwing ur weapon first. Unles it's intendet.)
  27. You can make a few terrain parts unvisible unter your BSPs where the Nodes on and in the Base under the tower.
  28. The bots will jump in and out from the most vehicles. May try to rearange the paths and the positions from the vehicles a litle at the spawnpoints. That really difficult and it's not a big problem if they are not perfect.
  29. Some of the RoarPaths have very long weard connections. You can restrickt there snipping range in the properties under RoadPathNode MaxRoadDist.. us have to do that on both nodes than.
  30. LinkSetup: I don't think 3 - 10 and 4 - 9 is a good idea.
  31. If you want a nice DamageAmplifire, I have found a cool blue TripleDamage which would fit, colour wise, nice in the map? For example in the midle on the hill.

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Post by Sedoy » Fri 30. Jun 2017, 16:36

i accept the terms of agreement :)

Will see what i can do, thank you for reply...

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Post by GLoups! » Fri 30. Jun 2017, 18:54

- :readit: , your blocking volume collision for StaticMesh'Citadel_Static.General.Citadelbridge' is not a possible option (x10), may be the main issue to drop the fps down, a very easy way to fix (not optimal but very best) is to myleveled this SM and set collisions per triangle e.g. set the three option in SM browser to false, no need to replace SM afterward, and don't forget to re-enable collision in properties, just delete the volumes and afterward when you'll close ued don't save the packages, there's may be a collision-shape somewhere in the packages but if not, it's a very better way.
-I discovered recently than cull distances can leads the engine to avoid the rendering of somes shadows (cf the edit of Rail-sp2 by ceonss, one side is shadow-less) if the light source (Sunlight,etc...) is more distant than the corresponding cull distance value, the best for is to use the culldistance volume from Crusha's mapping tool (around your map), because when you build the map the static lighting calculations are taking into account the cull distance properties, some staticmeshs are not present at this moment with the result of no shadows, with culldistance volume the calculation is made after you have launch the map.
Also i believe than the fact that the antiportals have exactly the sames dimensions than the invisible bsp-brushs that should be inside, can bring somes stranges issues (if not, optimisations issues), if you don't want to re-work them to much, you can always scale a brush by right clic on it and transform/scale by equals numbers - to keep their convex properties - something like x.99 y.99 z.99 then move it inside.

Edit: the thunder sound are ok but, you should increase theirs intervals, ambientsound12 ..

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Re: ONS-Citadels-Sed

Post by Sedoy » Sun 2. Jul 2017, 21:08

Thank you for checking my map. I have made almost all changes...
here's a new version
https://www.dropbox.com/s/w26s2oqp42z4z ... 3.rar?dl=0

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Post by Xac » Fri 14. Jul 2017, 21:33

Played it for the first time tonight. Nice looking, but a bit too dark to see properly.

It might just have been my internet connection, but I had serious lag problems. Sometimes it was so bad, I would shoot, the gun would move, but no shot could be seen. In the next map we played, it wasn't so bad, so I think it was the map.

It's great people are still making new maps! :thumbup: keep up the good work :D
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