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Posted: Fri 23. Mar 2018, 21:34
by GLoups!
Minimap redone, picture taken in instant action, it gives a little feeling of movement, if it's not good i can remake it without ( :think: may be a little weird), or may should had somes scriptures.


Edit: This one may be better:not enough place for write something.



Posted: Fri 23. Mar 2018, 22:29
by Miauz55555
Nice Gloups! Now the minimap looks better than the map. =D

Btw: This it the secret room. If you can't find it, you can use the tip I posted up there.


Posted: Mon 14. May 2018, 21:57
by Miauz55555


Posted: Tue 15. May 2018, 15:31
by Zon3r
When i mentioned ingame that flyers clip throughwhere they shouldn't, this is what i meant


Posted: Tue 15. May 2018, 21:38
by Miauz55555
Thank you, will fix (remove the feature) that. Just why should anybody land on the node? =P

If someone has more please write here, I will do it if it's not to much work or nonsence.
You are also invited to try the editor and make changes yourselve. The links here should help and if there are still questions you can ask and we can go through it step bye step.


Posted: Wed 16. May 2018, 23:15
by Xac
I think it's a nice map, but the problem is the middle primary node. All the action seems to occur there and if you lose it, it is so exposed, it is difficult to take back again. Tanks just have to camp out in the middle and spam you as soon as you come through the door from the core.

Re: ONS-Europa-C-M5

Posted: Fri 18. May 2018, 18:31
by Miauz55555
So the Link-Setup, or the coverage from the node?
If you have some ideas just post them.