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Re: ONS-AncientTemples-Sed

Postby Miauz55555 » Sat 1. Sep 2018, 12:32

Optical it's very nice and the fps on food are better as before.
In a flyer it's still very low, a litle better than before.

From that it's looking nice.

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Re: ONS-AncientTemples-Sed

Postby Sedoy » Mon 3. Sep 2018, 00:12

Hello Miau, thank you for feedback. Can i post a version for the server then so we could upload it?

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Postby Miauz55555 » Mon 3. Sep 2018, 21:37

I think yes.
Make a version where you are happy with and than Ema can upload it (when she finds the time).

But when the players complain about FPS or Gameplay it needs to be optimized. Somehow minimum 80% more FPS (so around 60 for me) would be nice than.
Sure when it comes to optimisazion there can be done much. It would be nice to have some more FPS. I for example would still not be able to play on it properly with my system. It's better than the first as it was under 25 FPS back than.
Here an example: All Nodes build, no bots, up where the flyers are. Without fog and with 10000. Sure 10k is is a litle ugly there but just to show the difference.


For fog a distancefog min should be 4000 so people can adjust it by semselve. If it's "0" it will not work.
For the distancefof max 26k would be fine gameplaywise, as the longest range is 26k.

Saying the range.. may make some high walls with an Antiportalthingy so there is not such a long shooting range. Or move the doors to the site.

Loong shooting things: Mino. May a Goliath_2 would be a bit more casual.

For optimisation also reducing the number of active stuff like spidermines will help ingame. I would recomment to move the spider out the weaponlocker, or at least reduce the extraammo to 0.

And you could reduce the number of SM. For example the wall SM could nearly reduced to half when streching them.
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Postby EmanReleipS » Tue 4. Sep 2018, 19:42

First, Sedoy, thank you for creating a new map for UT! :clap: This is really important for keeping our community alive.

I really like the design of this map. It has a nice, coherent theme and the layout of the nodes is clear, yet complex.

The only thing I don't like that much about the design is the skymap, simply because it looks pixelated on my screen.

The main thing that makes me a bit hesitant about this map is that there are so many vehicles, especially strong ones. There are tanks and Badgers everywhere. If one team is losing, I fear that they will be overrun and not have a good chance to make a comeback.
Changing the vehicles might help. For example, you could place a cicada with the raptors in the bases, so that defenders have more firepower against attacking tanks. You could also reduce the number of strong vehicles at the primaries, so that attackers will need more time to bring those vehicles to the enemy base from other nodes.

I think it is a beautiful, well designed map that should go on the server. But since many of our players are running the game on old machines, optimizing it a bit more is essential. On that note, thanks for Miau and Gloups as well for their input. Keep up the good work, Sedoy! :thumbup:

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Postby GLoups! » Tue 4. Sep 2018, 20:02

It could be interesting as Miauzz has already talk about walls above, to build a large unique wall with A.Portals flags (or two) to separate the map into two parts, as what has been done on ONS-LegoFort.

AntiportalActor6 and AntiportalActor7 do not work properly :think:

The 352 walls StaticMesh'NaThAncientPack.Walls.WallI' have only 22 triangles, so it may not necessary to scale them. One alternative would have been B.S.P. /one add and two substacts to make an entire wall with the same aspect/textures, but i think it's ok like this.

Gampeplay-wise, once you have the mino at node 6 you can very easily one-shot nodes 2,5,7,8 without even having to move a lot.

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Re: ONS-AncientTemples-Sed

Postby [P]etya » Fri 7. Sep 2018, 22:52

Can it have this music for background? :D

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