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Post by Miauz55555 » Wed 9. Dec 2020, 21:36

So that I was the last who edited it I post this here. The original is made by VK!. I actually would like to edit it a litle again. Mostly because I haven't seen some things than, which should be cleaned. But that few ones actually don't justify a full new version in my opinion.

When you have things to make that map better, and I don't mean "delete it", than please post it as a LIST.
Maybe with a short explanation why that change would make the map/gameplay better or more fluent.

The changelist from the original to the version ONS-IMPULZE-V3-C-beta3 that is at the server atm is:
  • Removed Vortex
  • Exchanged relics with the new SM look
  • Increased respawntime HasteRelic 30 -> 60; lowered from Health 30 -> 20
  • Increased respawntime from CoreBadger 15 -> 30 and Tank 30 -> 50 + Hellbender 15 -> 30 in the midle
  • Removed SpawnPoints from the two site Secondarys (4 from every Node)
  • Removed Spidermines (Midle down)
  • Add Gack (BioFlack, no ammo) where SpiderMines were
  • Add MutantRelic on top (240 s respawntime)
  • Removed Bases from old relics
  • created grooß for big lights (LichtGrosz)
  • changed the big lights 64 0 255 -> 32 41 200
  • ZoneAmbienteLight 0 0 255 -> 5 160 200
Here are the things, in no order, we have so far. I will add yours here too, maybe, probably.
  • There are some floating "bases" without funktion in the main room at the sites .. probably invisible in the editor. -> Will add nothing just better look as they have no collisions anyway.
  • Where the Instagibib is there is the "light" up there. It's very hard to make the last jump and not to fall down there. So make the room higher. And remove the collisions from that one. -> Gameflow.
  • Remove collisions from small objects. -> better net performance.
  • Maybe exchange the instagib with another Nuke ... or add a teleporter to a trial path to make it harder/longer to get it? ... Or maybe a translocator insted it? So you gain agility but no instagib.
  • Remove the MutantRelik, it's kinda useless on that map. (Which was the reason why I added it as on a nonvehicle map it would be overpovered, but I wanted to try it on a map.) .. Maybe add an Invisible pick up (not the relic) there?
  • Exchange the Tank with an IonTank and the Badger in the base with a Tiamat (Leviatan with 9000 damage) -> This is just to trigger if someone reads this. =D

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Post by mikel » Sun 13. Dec 2020, 17:24

Thanks for your efforts, Miauz!
Will have have you in mind next time Impulze comes up.

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Post by joeblow » Sun 20. Dec 2020, 17:43

Ion tank lol Mia!