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Post by Zon3r »

i see no reason to change this map, yes, it's a spammy map, but it was designed to be one

Edit:"tirades about other maps" removed
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Post by CrazySacrifice »

Seriousley, removing a map on the top 5 is not cool !
+ Zoner is right, too much editing kills the maps
Omahabeach was perfect until edited, barracks too !
We cannot end with maps where people drink milkshakes together and talk about life, maps need to involve action and dynamics !
And we cannot remove maps because peaceful people with no background in fps ask to remove a vehicle or a weapon !
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Re: ONS-SpaceCargo

Post by Dalyup! »

Guys, please. Cat did not ask you to provide commentary on the merits of editing maps or which maps' edits you felt personally dissatisfied with. There are separate threads for those maps, please direct your chagrin there.

If you don't think the map should be edited then fair enough, say that and preferably explain why, but tirades about other maps are unnecessary.
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Re: ONS-SpaceCargo

Post by [P]etya »

I wouldn't have anticipated that there would actually be people, who were against making a good map even better by tearing down those, who "abuse" certain features. It's been a while since I played, but I do remember that there were some people who lamed a lot on this map. Even though it was one of my most favourite maps, sometimes I hated playing on it, due to the presence of certain players. You can't just kick and ban players, who are just using certain features for their own amusement and/or advantage even if it means the displeasure of others. Afterall certain things were all intentional, hence these things need removal or rework.

Just because some maps are rather fair now, it doesn't mean that they are bad. Well, it is bad for those who were "abusing" those very features.
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Post by Cat1981England »

Thank you all for your feedback.

I understand that some of you were unhappy about the possibility of changing the feel and gameplay of the map, but i hope that you in-turn can understand that when several people post in a short amount of time about editing a map, that is not something that can be ignored, nor can the admins be expected to play the role of devil's advocate all the time.

Also, the temporary removal of SpaceCargo from the roster was a deliberate decision to get some people from the server, who like the map, onto the forum to have their say. It would be very unfair for a handful of forum regulars to be making gameplay changes on a map which is indeed very popular. So if you are one of those that like the map the way it is, and were unhappy about its removal, perhaps you can see that this was actually in your favour ;)

A little hint for those of you who didn't want to see the spammy side of the map being neutered - you did actually have the opportunity to make it more spammy if that's what you would have liked ;)

Now there's actually quite a few improvements that could be done to this map without making any gameplay changes,

- The jumpad by nodes 6 and 7 aren't skill jumps and could have been altered so that you didn't have to jump at the end. I've seen every single one of you fail this jump at some point because there is a delay between pressing your jump key and that data being sent to the server.
- Adding sounds to the jumpads would be nice.
- The boxes at the cores require nothing more then a double jump to get on to. Again this isn't a skill jump, but simply a waste of your time. Why not add a jumpad there?
- Rebuilding the map using RGB8 lighting would reduce the map file size. This would benefit quite a few, as most people have their purge cache set to the default 30 days.
- Removing the shadows from SM's on the ceiling to reduce lighting data on the map.
- Vehicles such as the EONSScorpoin could be loaded from pre-existing packages to further reduce map file size.
- The mini-health pickups could be replaced by a larger pickup to reduce network channels.
- Performance could be improved by removing the collision on many static meshes such as those on the ceilings.
- The nodes could be upgraded to Peg's RNH which would give you the nodes health on the mini map, helping you decide when and where to go and attack/defend.
- Weapon lockers could be upgraded to the custom version so you don't have to throw your weapon to get the full ammo.
- The cull distance is too low (and possibly unnecessary) on many of the lights and they pop in and out of view.
- The blocking volumes for many of the boxes could be combined if they are next to one another.
- Fix the floating light by node 9.

That's just from a very quick look at the map.

Although some of those changes may seem trivial and may not affect you directly, if they affect others, then you will be affected indirectly because we all share the same server :readit: We shouldn't shy away from, as Pet said, trying to "make a good map better", even if on a handful of occasions in the past it hasn't worked out as well as everyone would like.

As the admins and editors are all already working on other stuff, don't really have the time to be making the possible changes above, and could probably put their time to more productive use, i would ask that none of the current active editors volunteer.

However, if anyone else is feeling ambitious, would like to give something back to the server, or would just like to try their hand at some editing, let me know and i'll help you through the changes :thumbup:


Feedback, suggestion and ideas about all maps is very, very welcome so please keep it coming :yippiiieh:
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Post by VK!* »

First of all, hello guys! Im just passing by after all those years..

Been long time (11862) unread messages.
Im glad u guys still enjoy my maps that i made back in 2014 and earlier.

Funny thing is that i never played spacecargo on a server.. that map never made it on a server before i left the scene. It was my last map.

Is it actually that good? :-)

Best wishes, VK
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Post by Miauz55555 »

Hey VK,

welcome back. Yes your map is very funny.
Have fun reading all posts. xD
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Post by Pegasus »

Hey Kenny, long time no see! How've you been, man? Kept in touch with anybody in the old ONS scene from a decade ago? Still got UT on your system for nostalgia's sake :p?

As for SpaceCargo, well, it's... complicated. Sorting by descending order of all-time played matches on CEONSS' map stats, SpaceCargo is the 14th most played map/edit. Last week, the map received a tiny fix, suffixed beta9, to solve a technical issue with a dependency file, but the previous version, beta8, had maintained a frequently played and decently crowded performance for years: here's ONS-SpaceCargo-C-beta8's stats since Nov. 2018, and here's the match list for the latest one, ONS-SpaceCargo-C-beta9.
The reason I described its assessment as complicated is because In terms of gameplay quality, it's a pretty divisive subject, both among ingame regulars and even server staffers. Its peripheral paths are narrow and thus spam-inducing, while the sequence of main halls along the transverse are pretty similar to one another, so it all gets kinda repetitive quickly, without the relics or the limited verticality introducing anything that really breaks up the routine IMO. Others, meanwhile, are perfectly happy to just spam frag along again n' again while it's up. Personally, I'm more of a VK's-Playground appreciator and have even come to consider it a more interesting NV offering than Bridge :thumbup:.

Anyway, nuff ranting for now. Good to see you back again, VK, hope everything's going well with you, and do consider reinstalling the game (if you don't still have it) n' maybe spend a few matches to catch up with the oldbies now that the server's 10-year anniversary festivities are coming up next month. No doubt everyone will be happy to have you around :).
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