[Aircraft] Banshee V2

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[Aircraft] Banshee V2

Postby Wormbo » Sat 18. Jan 2014, 15:36

Since the Banshee was generally perceived as too weak, even compared to the Cicada, I treated it with some upgrades. The pilot's rocket launchers turn faster, so they should be able to aim more accurately at what the crosshair points at.
The gunner weapon has been upgraded with a Paladin-style shield, as I already planned for the "Hail of Steel" idea. The shield is activated via alt-fire as you might expect. The shield is actually projected by the vehicle, not the gun, which is why it rotates a bit differently than what you are used to from the Paladin. While the shield is active, primary fire switches from projectile mode to beam mode. The beam originates from the shield surface, not from the gun. Whenever it touches a vehicle or friendly node, a secondary beam is spawned that locks onto that touched object. Up to five secondary beams can be maintained this way, as long as the targets are located roughly in the same direction as the shield is pointing:

Download V2 Beta 1
This is a beta release of the Banshee V2. I don't consider it ready for public use yet, but feel free to test it privately - I appreciate any feedback or bug reports. For that purpose a mutator is included that replaces any Cicada on the map with the Banshee V2.

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