New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

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New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Sedoy » Sun 22. Mar 2015, 19:36

Hello community ceonss! For a long time I was creating a new map, and finally made it. I repeatedly tried to make this map so that it liked the people and it was nice to spend the matches. This is my first map, but I got in a lot of effort and really want it to be uploaded to our server ceonss! What do you think about this?
Map features
- the idea is a combination of Urban and FallenCity
- great space for a large number of players (between 12-32)
-enough vehicles and weapons
- attempted to maximize the balance between vehicles on sequences of nodes
- there are a workarounds to some nodes
- used an unusual vehicles, but only uploaded on ceonss
- there is an optimization to improve performance
I hope you will like it ! ... y.rar?dl=0
If you need additional files , you can download them here ... S.RAR?dl=0
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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Cat1981England » Tue 24. Mar 2015, 00:17

First of all a big, BIG thank you for taking the time the make this Sedoy. We're coming up to our 11th year now, so to still have new content being created is fantastic and I know everyone really appreciates it :clap:

You've clearly put a huge amount of work into it, the attention to detail is great. It flows very nicely as a map and feels natural, the vehicles are well thought out and play a big part in that. I can't wait to see it on the server but there's just one or two things that need looking at before it can go on, and of course some suggestions.


- The nodes don't quite fit onto the radar map. The CustomRadarRange in level properties needs to be adjusted.
- The blocking volumes kill any Raptors if they are travelling too fast. Perhaps try placing ForceDirVolumes in front of them (Found in OnslaughtSpecials2_RNH.u package).
- The static meshes such as staticmeshactor4942 have huge invisible collisions. There are 11 of them on the map, maybe they could be replaced with some of the others you've used elsewhere.
- Some of the building static meshes such as StaticMeshActor2452 have collisions that block players when it looks like you should be able to go there. They need some walls + windows.
- The players already have the Badgers_V2beta3.u package from other maps. Adding the Badger from it's package rather then myLevel will reduce the map size.
- Same with the KingHellHound which is in the KingHellHound.u package.
- If you rebuild the map using the rgb8 format it'll cut the size of the map down by about a 1/4.
- Objects pop into view in the distance. The ZoneInfo/SkyZone need some adjustment. May also need to add an extra smaller fog ring to the skybox.
- The skyline meshes used for walls and windows from the Skyline package have the reflections on the glass from a different map. Not really an issue, but I thought I would mention it.
- The link setup (which could be place inside the map). There's only two links to each core and one of them is 4 nodes long. This would need to be changed before it can go on. Maybe a link to the primary or secondary node from a central node on this link?
- Nodes 1 and 2 could be zoned off.


The performance is the biggest issue with the map. I've got a reasonably strong nVidia 680m and a res of 1600x900 and I was getting 70fps in places with no bots. For a lot of the players with even older cards this would be a real issue and spoil a wonderful map. I can see you've added Anti-Portals, zoned off areas, hid hidden terrain etc but it doesn't seem to make enough of a difference.

If you load the map and type "rmode1" in the console you can still see most of the map and I think that's partly because the static meshes are too large to be fully coved by the anti-portals. It's definitely worth having them at ground level for the players on foot and it might be an idea to put invisible collision hulls inside of them for online play (addspecialbrush - prefabs, just make them slightly smaller then the anti-portals), but I don't think the ones higher up in the buildings are doing enough to keep on the map.

The only thing I can suggest of is lowering the fog distance and maybe zoning off the map just like on Urban.

Other suggestions:

- The custom weapon lockers which you can myLevel from Bitchslap save player having to throw weapons.
- The special nodes from OnslaughtSpecials2_RNH display the health of the nodes in the radar map which is always useful to players on maps like this.
- The weapon lockers could perhaps do with some extra link gun ammo.


That's all I can think of. You've done a great job and I can't wait to play it on the server :thumbup:
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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby GLoups! » Wed 25. Mar 2015, 15:37

Hello Sedoy, happy to discover that there are still people who want to work for ons, anyway, in my opinion with the rhythm which goes the developpement of ut4, we can wait one or two years before the product gets closer a bit to adulthood of gameplay of ut2004 and at the same time to know where Epic want to go with more precisions to make interesting the fact to give leisure time and making maps for it.

To come back to our business there, it's clear that you have misled a large amount of work to lay the foundation for a good map, remains the finishes.

Cats give you three quarters of todo list, i can add that you could drool (?!) for the optimisation, that is to say, if problems comes from Statics-meshs, use fog (and fog ring, unlit with a created new constantcolor the same color of fog) and a culldistances volume (from ultimate mapping tool) with distances=DistanceFogEnd+500 because stocks culldistances make your map without shadows just discovered this yesterday on Ons-Rail-C3b).

If not, you should find a way to transform thoses large plates of BSP in static-meshes or in second place zoning entirely your map but it will be not a thin case, i don't want to discourage you.

Visual aspect (Only a personal feeling), you could had somes trees for breaking the lines of the streets and orientate the fours Sunlights to acquire shadows along the buildings and change their LighColor independantly (Brightness,Hue,Saturation).
One more time congratulations for your work. :)

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Maniac » Thu 16. Apr 2015, 00:12

Thanks for your effort!

The quality of the map is acceptable, but I am confused a bit about the map itself. It's so big... there are 4 critical interconnected nodes in center where every second is valuable and there are nodes near the cores where you spend 15sec just driving from one to another. And all these little passages... I'm not saying it's bad, just unusual.
Also, here are some (more or less) constructive points:
- the base needs a side exit or two on the sides: while all exits are on the same wall, they can be easily spammed by vehicles;
- the ramps from ground level to the overhead roads are too small, it's hard to get tanks up there (or too big, if they are not meant for tanks :) )
- it's sometimes hard to tell passages from dead ends; probably some more clear walls/lighting would help (like, giving the closed doors a more visible texture as opposed to open doors, placing some lights over passages in rubbish and placing more shadows over non-passable rubbish etc).
- the node layout is good, though primaries are pretty hard to hold for the attackers; the attackers need to capture the primary, get inside the base building and live long enough to do actual damage (while still holding the primaries)
- I've a feeling that a super-heavy vehicle or two would fit in nicely as a source of threat (mb Levi or Ion Cannon or Turtle); Kraken will not do here, but it is a great showcase of such a role on Grit (the sandy maps with the pyramids): not a game-turner, but still something to take into account.

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby EmanReleipS » Sat 18. Apr 2015, 15:08

I really like your map, Sedoy! :thumbup:

Here are a few thoughts on this map:

- Lag: I lag a lot just outside the cores (where the vehicles are), at 14 & 17 and between 9 & 10. Is there any way to improve the performance of this map in those locations?
- Node layout: I like the many ways to cut other nodes off. But I think the node layout is too complicated. I suggest removing 5 & 12 and 6 & 16 (even though I like 5 & 6).
- Node numbers: It's not a big thing, but could you renumber the nodes? I don't see any logic in the numbering, i.e. why node 15 is between nodes 1, 4 and 12. This is not a big thing, but some kind of pattern behind the numbering of the nodes would make it easier for me to remember which node is where.
- Nodes 4 & 11: I had to attack one of them the other day and I couldn't even make it into the node room. The corridor to the node is too narrow, so I got killed easily, and it was mined everywhere. Is there a second entrance to node 4 & 11 or could you make one? It is too difficult to attack as it is now. It might also help to remove the spider mines from the weapon lockers at 4 & 11.

I hope this helps. Thanks for making a brand new map for us! :yippiiieh:

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby s°rcery » Mon 15. Jun 2015, 09:47

Bravo :yippiiieh: Sedoyoyo :wohoo:

I understand now what you meant by "abandoned the map" ;)

signed :dancegal: s°rcyoyo ^
Sorry I don't speak English (really I speak "FPS-english") but since Translate-Google, I'm multilingual :P (joke) !

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Droopy_Bollocks » Mon 15. Jun 2015, 20:20

Well done Sedoy!

As Cat and the others said, it's great to see new maps.

And a big plus point for your work is that everyone pointed out they enjoyed playing it, me included!

Many maps people take an instant dislike to but not this one, yes it's big and it needs some tweaking but it's an enjoyable map to fight on.

There are some choke points and some corridors within the buildings that are too open, lending themselves to flak and multi-link spammers but these are things easily sorted.

Keep it Sedoy, very well done! :yippiiieh:

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Sedoy » Sun 28. Aug 2016, 20:30

I decided to make a new version of abandoned with some little changes:
-New bot paths
-new terrain
-standart nodes replaced by special nodes.
-new skybox
-new node layout
-new radar
-less weight of map ... 1.ut2?dl=0
Radar.png (727.32 KiB) Viewed 1856 times

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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby Cat1981England » Mon 29. Aug 2016, 21:17

Thank you once again for your work Sed :yippiiieh:

All the changes you've made make a lot of sense and it feels sooooo much smoother now (fps) and having the fog stops things popping in and out of view which always takes my eye away from what i'm meant to be doing. It's especially nice to have a radar map for those of us who get lost easily :lol:

Here's a demo from last night. I had a lot of fun playing, but please don't judge if you do spec as i had a few to drink.
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Re: New map for CEONSS ONS-AbandonedCity

Postby EmanReleipS » Mon 29. Aug 2016, 22:38

Nice edit! :clap:

I would recommend full weapon lockers for this map. It's not possible to fully build a node with the charge in the link gun as it is now.

Also, I think the Webcaster instead of the Tarantulas at n13 and n14 could be nice.

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