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Posted: Sun 31. May 2015, 14:11
by GLoups!
Well aware of the potential and faults of gameplay of the first edition, difficulties of comebacks, primaries nodes difficult to join (more camping there), difficulties to move , here is the second edition, with a suitable name than SP1 because virtually everything has been corrected (previously in the remanufacturing of most statics-meshes), pathing totally redone, textures, redistribution of vehicles, skyring, overall easthetic aspect, moving trees, add assault pathing.

The first nodes 5 and 9 have been resurfaced and closer to the base with the adding of tunnels and movers Ons-grit like, a better defense of the bases, adding turrets, vehicles more adapted, adding a relic of speed, trying to keep the spirit of the first edition.

Small modifications of vehicles, a turret laser has been added to the Persians as well as an adjustment of the GearRatios making it less heavy to move, Euscorpius fastest, Eonsscorpions.

Zoning of new parties in BSP, bases, all what is possible has been trying, the only decrease in fps bined together come from the scripts of the Persians controlling the bots (test with 32 bots), and therefore should be not the same with the real players.
I try to made a version with no bugs or defaults, so let me know yours minds, greetings GL


Re: ONS-Syrma-SE

Posted: Sun 31. May 2015, 14:23
by Cat1981England
Thank you for your work GL :clap:

On the server :thumbup:

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Posted: Mon 3. Oct 2016, 21:39
by Dalyup!
We played this yesterday and while the majority of the people found the map pretty, its gameplay balance (for lack of a better term) was questionable. I think this is due to the size of the map where mobile vehicles (i.e. flyers) are dominant. Any losing team gets quite a disadvantage when losing due to the scarcity of flyers when the teams are slightly large.

I think this could be addressed, and potentially make the map more popular, by adding a lot more flyers. To counter the addition of more flyers perhaps more anti-flyer defences could be added at the nodes themselves. I think doing this could make Syrma a good medium-large sized/population-number map.

What does everyone think?

Re: ONS-Syrma-SE

Posted: Fri 14. Oct 2016, 18:26
by GLoups!
Yep, Thx, will have a look at this :thumbup: