[Mutator] Even Match (Onslaught team balancer)

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[Mutator] Even Match (Onslaught team balancer)

Postby Miauz55555 » Mon 30. Oct 2017, 12:59

That dosn't look like something which EM has done. The midround balancing from EM is not enabled.. just the quickround and preround balance. Midround is provided, as you can see on Zon3rs screenshot, bye TitanTeamFix. Not sure if and when how that two are working together.

Sure you can't tell the story from stats, but the match Heinz posted seemed unbalanced from the start, as there were many disconnects in the first minute and not many players at all. It also looked like Sana was the whole blue team.

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[Mutator] Even Match (Onslaught team balancer)

Postby EmanReleipS » Mon 30. Oct 2017, 20:13

Titan Team Fix and Even Match are two different mods.

RememberForcedSwitch is meant to work alongside BalanceTeamsWhilePlaying which has been disabled for a couple of years now. Both of those settings are part of EM. If you want EM and TTF to work together, then we will need a coder to integrate them and get permission from Wormbo and Shambler to make the changes.

This has been mentioned a few times in this thread, but once again just to be clear - EM assigns the teams at the start of a round, when a player has joined half way through a match and the player numbers are even or after a quick round based on the players PPH over the last 31 days.
TTF maintains the number of players in each team during the match, the only exception is when the teams are 9 players or less as stats have shown that there is no difference between a team of bots vs humans and people don't like being switched around.

Neither of these mods are aware of what the other is doing.

I hope that clears things up :thumbup:

On a side note, it's perhaps not the best idea to vote for a large map like KAKMO when there are so few people on the server ;)

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[Mutator] Even Match (Onslaught team balancer)

Postby Pegasus » Mon 30. Oct 2017, 22:17

Had the same thought as Miauz since this morning about TTF being the likely culprit behind this incident, rather than it being owed to some strange EM omission, but decided to hold off on voicing those suspicions until I could get a better grasp of TTF's code and what all exactly it does (never bothered before as it's a ServerActor, thus not in clients' cache). I gotta say, for a 10-plus-years-old project, TitanTeamFix is quite the ponderous beast, its UScript code size outweighing EMv2b2's by about ~50% (though it also does a lot of in-server, SQL-/stats-related housekeeping, so that pads things up a fair bit), and I'm still wading through that in a generally pretty busy time of year. Btw, if anyone else is also interested in TTF's code, feel free to ask for an archive upload.

What already appears evident here is that holes can manifest in the "armour" of this patchwork, overlapping mods scheme CEONSS employs to manage team balancing, at least in terms of what players might expect to be standard behaviour. While I must admit I wasn't aware the server had the bBalanceTeamsWhilePlaying setting disabled for awhile now in its EM operating (previous posts in this thread seemed to suggest the setting had always been left to True), I can't help wonder whether I fueled some of those (unrealistic unreasonable?) expectations by pointing to what EM can do, rather than what CEONSS has been limiting it to do :/.
However much truth might be found there, in terms of what matters most now, i.e. the way forward, merging the two mods won't be easy, even if the necessary time and knowledge resources can be found to do so (permissions from creators do not concern me, personally speaking). Until that merge happens (hopefully, leading to a less messy and dysfunctional result than what we got with the ONSPlus/UTcomp Frankensteinian hybrid), however, perhaps the responsibilities of each mod could be re-examined in a more immediate timeframe, with a mind of seeing if there's room to improve ingame experience and balancing through shifting some of TTF's current duties over to EM, thus taking advantage of the latter's more developed balancing tools.

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