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Re: ONS-Mothership-C

Postby GLoups! » Sun 2. Oct 2016, 16:34

Thanks for feedbacks ;) : Here is Beta 7

-Best vision at low altitude, best vision in general.
-Delete the two turrets at nodes 4 and 1.
-Add the miragetankII at bases, not sure who have made it, taken from VCTF Forgotten valley.
-Add the Cherufe from Castiel vehicle pack 2.
-Delete two nodes in link setup.
-Add velocity in secret area, and alternate with strike painter.
-Vehicle changes : move the Huricanne, add biotanks..
-Clean up the platforms at bases for moving dragons and phoenix there.
-Restore the effects for the teleporters to that platform.
-Small vehicles changes.
-Small fixs.

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Re: ONS-Mothership-C

Postby Cat1981England » Sun 2. Oct 2016, 20:21

Now on the server.

Getting better and better GL :thumbup:
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Re: ONS-Mothership-C

Postby Gaffer » Sun 16. Oct 2016, 07:10

Hey Gloups, thanks for making these maps. Keep it up!

Yesterday while it was being played on the server I fell (or rather drove my eon scorpion) through the map.
I entered somewhere around where my cross-hair is pointed.
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Re: ONS-Mothership-C

Postby Zon3r » Sun 16. Oct 2016, 08:17

I like this edit, nothing else to add :)

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