Food&Dinks and where to get or how to make them

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Food&Dinks and where to get or how to make them

Postby Miauz55555 » Sun 14. Jan 2018, 17:22

Everyone needs to eat, but sometimes you want to have some good taste, too. So if you have some good stuff to drink or some nice food share where you get it or how to make it. ;)

I will start with something vegan:
What: Tea with the name Malotira
Where to get: Kreta
How to make: Depends on taste. May use 2x2 cm for one cup (300 ml), 8 min in boiling water.
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What: Flammkuchen
How to make: Make it yourselve, the stuff you can buy in many german suppermarkets in the winter isn't any good. Also it's very easy to make.
For two persons you need : 200 g flour; 1 teaspoon salt; 1 soup spoon oil; 110 ml water + for the cream you will need 1 cup sour cream (Schmand or creme fraiche); pepper, salt, nutmeg + topping whatever you like, but the original is just with onions (2) and bacon (Speck).
Mix the first stuff together and foarm a ball. Use some more flour and knead it until it's not sticky anymore. Wrap it and put the ball for minimum 30 min in the fridge. After that rool it on a baking sheet. It will become very thin and the whole sheet should be covered.
Now use the stuff for the cream, mix it and put it on the ground. Than put the chopped topping on it as well.
Minimum 200°C for 20 min in the oven. Ready.
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