Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all!

Post by Sernemissza » Mon 24. Dec 2018, 22:27


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Merry Christmas to all!

Post by Pegasus » Wed 26. Dec 2018, 00:14

I, for one, hope you've all finally been touched by the true meaning of the day, which is fragging thy neighbour is a sin that makes the baby Jesus cry, and that when I come 'round flinging flak chunks at you, you'll turn the other cheek (or what's left of it) in the fashion of true love n' compassion .In the off chance that you haven't though, I'm just pointing it out here for future consideration :p.

Hope you all had a great, relaxing time today with loved ones, and resisted the temptation to wear the most gaudy sweater you could find*! Merry Christmas, CEONSS!

* I didn't :).
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Merry Christmas to all!

Post by Hawk » Wed 26. Dec 2018, 20:04

I am a bit to late to wish you all Merry Christmas :oops: , so I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2019 ofcourse
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