What's your pc rig?

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Re: What's your pc rig?

Postby Hawk » Wed 11. May 2016, 20:38

I still have my old Logitech MX 700 cordless mouse, it's big :o). Not 100 % sure about the modelnummer cause the text has worn off :lol: :yoman: It used to be the top model back in the days. It's about the same age as UT2004 :yippiiieh:

The keyboard was the cheapest Logitech usb that I could find (10 euro e few years ago) :firedevil: :award:
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Re: What's your pc rig?

Postby widurr » Wed 11. May 2016, 23:27

Alright. Encouraged by Miauz, I'm posting specs of my rusty junk here ;)

Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 LE R.20
Processor: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition
Graphic card: ASUS GeForce GTX 760 2048
Memory: 8GB DDR3
Power supply: Be Quiet 630W BN182
Case: Gladius GD-X60
SSD: SanDisk 128GB Standard

Monitor: some 19" old crap I need to replace soon :P

And recently bought for the upcoming match event:
Mouse: Bloody V8
Keyboard: Bloody B120
Headphones: Bloody G500

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