SSD partition-alignment

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Re: SSD partition-alignment

Post by Cat1981England » Sun 28. Aug 2016, 21:56

Hey Ryder, welcome to the forum :wave:

I think everyone has their own favourite hardware manufacturer, so it's hard to say what is best. Personally i use Intel SSD. They run like clockwork and you can sell them on for a good price, but even though i've never had one, i've heard really good things about the performance of Samsung evo's.

For storage i use a 2TB Seagate ST2000LM003 Only because it was the largest HD i could get in 2.5 at the time. It's worked very well so far.
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Re: SSD partition-alignment

Post by Ryder » Mon 29. Aug 2016, 00:56

Hi Cat, Thank you for the welcome! :)

Yeah when I purchased the 1TB drives they were they only ones I could really get, the 2TB drives at the time were 3-4x as expensive. I use a fair amount of storage out of 3.7TB I am using 3TB so I'm pretty full.

The hard drives on my system are the only old/slow part of the computer so it would be nice to upgrade them. I recently changed for 3 brand new identical monitors, new keyboard, new mouse, new wheel, new speakers so it's all looking nice atm :P