Trying to re-install Win7?

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Trying to re-install Win7?

Post by Xac » Tue 18. Oct 2016, 09:36

My number one laptop got "borrowed", and in exchange I was left with a broken Win7 laptop. Hopefully this post will be helpful for people still using Win7 and needing to do a re-install.

I thought I'd have a go at getting this broken laptop running to play UT on as it was not so old (~ 4 years) and a reasonable spec. I got a new keyboard and battery very cheaply from ebay, I upgraded the RAM with some spare I had lying around and I had a spare 1 TB HDD I wasn't using. Unfortunately I didn't have a Win7 recovery disc, but there was a readable recovery partition on the broken drive. With A LOT of messing about, I was able to clone enough of the broken disc using a Linux live CD and I was up and running with Win7 with SP1.

I was worried about updating, as MS have not released an SP2 for Win7. Even connecting a seriously unpatched machine to the web can be asking for trouble. I did a search and found that MS have released a "convenience roll up" to about April last year, which can be downloaded manually as a single file (I did this using another laptop). Apparently this can be used to update once a stand alone updater component is also installed. I did all that and the updates seemed to install, so I then went online to get the last year or so of updates.

But, it just sat there, with the window saying "checking for updates" for hour after hour. Eventually I could see it was never going to update. I got concerned it might have become infected as it was not fully patched, so I went to the Microsoft site to manually download Microsoft security essentials (MSE). But, every time I did a search, it just returned me to the "select product page".

I thought, it must be infected at this point and I downloaded MSE manually using another laptop, installed it on the win7 laptop and scanned. It found nothing. So I then downloaded the MS stand alone virus scanner using the other PC and scanned again...nothing. So I thought something might have gone wrong with windows update. I then downloaded the stand alone windows update fixer program from MS. It found errors and said they were corrected. But afterwards, it still would not update.

I then downloaded Firefox and at least I could then search and download things properly from the MS website with the Win7 machine. I downloaded some Malware detection software, but that did not show anything.

So I thought, maybe I've accidentally deleted something important when I tried to clean up the bloatware from the original manufacturer's Win7 installation. So I did a factory reset and re-installed all over again.

However, that did not help, it still would not update. I tried the virus scanning again, the windows update fixer...nothing would work.

Then I stumbled across this link: ... 5096b36d0c

So essentially, it seems as if MS have done something with windows update for Win7 so it does not work properly any more. Bizarrely, what you have to do is turn automatic updates off completely, install the two patches on that link and then go manually to windows update.

I did as the link said and finally, it worked, about 220 updates began to download. It took all night for them to install and then I checked again for more updates in the morning and there were about another 30 (updates for the updates...typical MS!) but at least it was working.

I don't know if this is a deliberate thing MS have dome to try and force people off of Win7, or just an accident. I don't know if it applies just to re-installs or to existing Win7 machines, but it seems as if MS have broken something in the automatic Win7 updater.

Anyway, I now have a machine I can play UT on again (it's not great, the screen is awful) but at least I can play. I also hope all my wasted time will not be in vain and this info will be of help to others...
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Re: Trying to re-install Win7?

Post by Cat1981England » Wed 19. Oct 2016, 21:35

Thanks Xac, i need to do a clean install soon. This should save a lot of time :yippiiieh:
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