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Re: Stat that player

Post by Cat1981England » Wed 7. Dec 2016, 21:42

Gaffer wrote:Answers BossCat?
Sorry Sir-Gaff-a-lot, i was just trying to build some tention :D Drum roll please,

a Dalyup! 347.6 - 217 - 157
b Gaffer 327.8 - 314 - 397
c unkorix 278.0 - 85 - 66
d EmanReleipS 252.8 - 1,933 - 1,962
e ThunderCat 196.1 - 3,372 - 3,808


I'll give this thread a bump next time i see some idiot waste a vehicle (such as a Mino) point whoring, then spend the end of the game insulting their team mates...
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Re: Stat that player

Post by ThunderCat » Wed 7. Dec 2016, 22:52

Well done, Em, full house! :clap:

I knew I should've rearranged Dalz and Gaff :faceslap:

Oh well, this was fun! :thumbup:

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Re: Stat that player

Post by EmanReleipS » Sat 10. Dec 2016, 20:37

ThunderCat wrote:Well done, Em, full house! :clap:
Dammit, I was doing so well at being bad. :lol: Thanks, though.

So...what do I get for winning this one? ;) Canary island pics from Wally, perhaps?