Which Do You Prefer?

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by lichReen » Mon 6. May 2019, 14:23

Just for fun.

What weapon do you prefer in a stand off heat against each other?
You can only choose one per category / role of usage. Consider all the benefits and decide which one you would rather be deprived of if you were forced to only have one for the rest of your UT life...

Shock vs Lighting Gun ? - ( for hitscan )

Flak vs Rocket Launcher ? - ( for close quarters )

Bio vs Grenade Launcher ? - ( for explosives/room clearance spam )

Minigun vs Link ? - ( for spamming/suppression )

Shield Gun vs Mine Layer ? - ( for close protection )

Ion Painter vs Target Painter ? - ( for airstrike )

Invisible vs Berserk ? - ( for adrenaline combo )

Double Damage vs Jump Boots ? - ( for pickup/powerup )

Avril vs Assault Rifle ? - ( for weapon of last resort )

Remember you can only choose one and have to live with it forever... (hypothetically ofc)
Post your comments for your choices if you want to.


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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by SysX » Tue 7. May 2019, 17:45

Ok let's do this.

Shock - ( for hitscan )
Flak - ( for close quarters )
Bio - ( for explosives/room clearance spam )
Minigun - ( for spamming/suppression )
Shield Gun - ( for close protection )
Ion Painter - ( for airstrike )
Invisible - ( for adrenaline combo )
Double Damage - ( for pickup/powerup )
Assault Rifle - ( for weapon of last resort )

WOooHOoo!! »\o\°\O/°/o/«

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Re: Which Do You Prefer?

Post by California » Tue 7. May 2019, 20:23

1. Shock
2. Flak
3. Neither- Combos or Rox
4. Mini- better finisher, better range and damage, link shaft is more defensive with its grounding effect
5. Shield- Mine layer has no place in a competitive fps game
6. Ion
7. Neither- Booster
8. Amp
9. Assault

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Re: Which Do You Prefer?

Post by Miauz55555 » Tue 7. May 2019, 21:32

Shock - as the shock-core is also a good shield against vehicles and even LG-fire.
Bio - to one hit frag someone / or a group.
Shield - as you can use it to jump nearly everywhere.
Berserk - in combination with shieldgun jumps is awesome.
Also Amp
Assault - as you have the granades to jump with the Manta.

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by lichReen » Wed 8. May 2019, 16:33

Lightning gun: LG just edges it for me. The ability to hs is more persuasive. Shock has great follow up shots and push back but the dmg of the lg is very tasty - ( for hitscan )

Flak: Flak all day long. Rox has splash dmg and you can usually hear someone loading up 3 rox so you can prepare to avoid. Full flake prime is 117 and you can lob shells over walls etc. - ( for close quarters )

Bio: Bio rifle by far, GL has to be one of the most useless weapons but its good for ambushing vehicles. Bio splash on nodes is hilarious for clearing linkers but also good for spamming a room - ( for explosives/room clearance spam )

Link: Very tough one. Minigun's dmg potential is good but rarely consistent. Link gun has slow rof and slow projectile speed but does 30dmg each shot. I would say that I will go for link just because it can spam vehicles and keep some narrow corridors clear. Minigun alt fire is nice but 14-16 dmg isn't enough in most fights. - ( for spamming/suppression )

Shield gun: Mine layer is best troll weapon. But I think shield offers good balance of movement/agility such as shield jumping but also good for rushing opponents with full charge. Plus you can absorb shots obv - ( for close protection )

Target painter: Ion painter is good because its more accurate but not as powerful as the carpet bomb. I will have to go with target painter just because of that. - ( for airstrike )

Berserk: Invis is noice but berserk helps in moments of high pressure. Invis is great for stealth flanks but a good player will have the eyes to spot you anyway. - ( for adrenaline combo )

DD: Very tough one again. With jump boots you can create great flanking attacks and rush nodes but the amp just allows you to mow down anything with almost any weapon. DD LG is a game changer sometimes. If you have practiced your movement you can sacrifice the boots on a map like aggressive alleys and instead go for the DD. So I will have to choose double damage - ( for pickup/powerup )

AR: Avril is a great troll weapon but the AR nades are honest quite effective against unarmoured targets. Even though the AR prime fire is absolute dog shit with two ARs you can do as much damage as minigun alt fire with twice the fire rate. So I'll go with Assault rifle - ( for weapon of last resort )

thanks for replies so far :yoman:

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by Hawk » Wed 8. May 2019, 17:20

I Like rockets and flak :cool2cool: :firedevil:
Free as a bird

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by EmanReleipS » Wed 8. May 2019, 22:52

Nice thread. :thumbup:

Shock vs Lighting Gun ? - ( for hitscan )
Shock. I can never get used to the delay with the lightning gun.

Flak vs Rocket Launcher ? - ( for close quarters )
I love both, but the flak can bounce off walls, so I will go with that one.

Bio vs Grenade Launcher ? - ( for explosives/room clearance spam )
I like placing grenades on the enemy tank.

Minigun vs Link ? - ( for spamming/suppression )
Link. Gets nice results when spamming it down a narrow corridor.

Shield Gun vs Mine Layer ? - ( for close protection )
I rarely use either one, but I will place mines when I remember that I have some (and when I'm feeling evil).

Ion Painter vs Target Painter ? - ( for airstrike )
Ion Painter. I like immediate results and I have a habit of walking into my own target painter strike...

Invisible vs Berserk ? - ( for adrenaline combo )
Speed! But if that isn't an option, I will pick invisible.

Double Damage vs Jump Boots ? - ( for pickup/powerup )
I think the DD is more useful, but I rarely use it because I always feel that I need to aim particularly well when I have it, so naturally I will hit nothing...

Avril vs Assault Rifle ? - ( for weapon of last resort )
Avril. I usually enter a vehicle with it, so it is the weapon that I will have in my hands when I get out. I have killed a couple of people at close range with it.

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by Crusha K. Rool » Sat 11. May 2019, 09:10

Pretty much the same as SysX, although I find both Grenade Launchers and Bio Rifle pretty underwhelming.

Grenade Launchers would gain so much utility if they did not bounce but instead sticked to the first surface they hit (like the Demoman in TF2). In their current form, I only ever use them to prepare a locked node for swift destruction once it becomes available. Sometimes I also put them on a vehicle and wait for someone to enter, but it's never really worth the time when there are so many other vehicles in a map that the instantly respawning player could take instead.

The Bio Rifle only really comes to use as one-off burst. The primary fire is too imprecise to really do much, and the blobs are too small to be of use for area denial (at least in ONS). The fact that you can get the most use out of the burst by attacking a node (and then have the splash damage kill any enemy in the proximity) always struck me more as a bug than an actual feature.
In fact I liked the handling of the UT3 Bio Rifle just a tad more. The blobs felt snappier there.

And in the new Unreal Tournament, they actually seem to have added even more utility to it:
- If you hold primary and secondary fire simultaneously, you enter a rapid-fire mode with a large random spread around the center and the blobs don't stick to surfaces but just roll across them.
- Once a blob hits an enemy, all nearby blobs that have landed before start homing in on that enemy.
- You can use the Link Gun beam on blobs to create a link between them, which will stay around for ~17 seconds (can be prolonged by firing them link gun at them again) and damage enemies passing through by attracting the respective blobs (but can be cleared by firing any explosive at the blobs). This allows to create webs for real area denial that at least force enemies to reveal their position. In fact, linking a fully-charged blob creates a web right away.

(I am actually wondering if I could recreate that behaviour in UT2k4 or if the blobs just involve too much native Karma physics that can't be manipulated through script.)

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by ThunderCat » Sat 1. Jun 2019, 12:59

Good one :thumbup:
Picking just one in any situation is hard -- considering it's all circumstantial (distance, room for movement, how hectic the area is) :think:

Shock vs Lightning Gun:
Lightning Gun and Shock is usually a combo for me. Lightning Gun is slower but drains HP down to 30+. Then use Shock, which is faster, to finish the job.
But if I had to choose one I'd pick Shock -- mainly because it is more effective on nodes.

Flak vs Rocket Launcher:
I'd pick Rocket Launcher because it locks both onto vehicles AND players. Not a lot of people use it -- so if you're lucky and a bit of sneaky -- you might be able to catch a few off guard.

Bio vs Grenade Launcher:
Definitely Bio. I don't know if its the trajectory or the fact that you're not able to differentiate enemy from friendly bio globs -- but people seem to overlook them and just run into it.

Minigun vs Link:
Whenever I use Minigun it is by accident or I'm out of options :lol: It is too inaccurate and I feel Link drains more HP (might be placebo, I haven't tested it). Also obvious node building and vehicle healing benefits.

Shield Gun vs Mine Layer:
Shield Gun for my duals with -Nick- :cool2cool:

Ion Painter vs Target Painter:
I severely lack enough experience with any of these to use them effectively. To me the payoff doesn't outweigh the drawback of getting your head chopped off by a manta whilst trying to lock the damn thing onto a node. So I feel like rushing the node and capturing it is more productive 7/10 times.

Invisible vs Berserk:
I'm a fan of invisibility (where you're only invisible as long as you don't fire your weapon). So I like using it from time to time to slip through enemy defences and grab a node.

Double Damage vs Jump Boots:
Double damage.

Avril vs Assault Rifle:
Avril. I feel Assault Rifle is basically just throwing pebbles at a gorilla -- so I rather take my chances with the Avril :lol:

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Which Do You Prefer?

Post by Gollum~*B*~AF » Fri 14. Jun 2019, 12:07

.. i don't understand the question.
But i prefer pancakes with MA(N)T(A)-Wapon :D