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Game resolution resetting

Posted: Sun 1. Oct 2017, 14:56
by EmanReleipS
Lately I've encountered a strange bug. I think it is connected to installing OBS Studio for streaming, but I'm not sure (it has only appeared since I installed it, actually also happened just before streaming the match against OMNI).

What happens is that when I open the game and join a server, suddenly my game resolution (a custom HD resolution) resets to 640x480px (the smallest setting). My custom resolution will also be gone from the settings window, so I will need to close the game and change my ini file in order to get my resolution back.

Last time it happened was last night, just when I connected to the server for the first time. But I was not running OBS Studio, so that is weird. :eh:

Game resolution resetting

Posted: Sun 1. Oct 2017, 22:54
by Miauz55555
Don't know why, but you can change your resolution ingame with a consol command: SETRES [WxHxD] - Sets your screen resolution to the specified width, height, and color depth.

Game resolution resetting

Posted: Sun 1. Oct 2017, 23:00
by Pegasus
While I've absolutely no insights to offer regarding what might be normal behaviour for OBS Studio or not (never used it), there are two remedies you could try in terms of treating the resolution change issue. First one involves pulling down the console ingame (via the tilde key) and using the setres command (as detailed here) to manually reset it to what you want. Secondly, make sure the resolution dimensions set in your UT2004.ini are both multiples of 4, as that's been known to cause some collateral problems in the game (e.g. broken ingame screenshot taking when using resos like 1366x768), so that could be one possible factor tripping OBS Studio up. Beyond those two simple attempts, maybe some OBS Studio support community could shed more light on whether the program has such resolution changing tendencies or not.

Edit: Oh, Miauz already got there, never mind.