No Fog HAX

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No Fog HAX

Post by Zon3r » Sat 16. Dec 2017, 10:26

Decided to make this topic, that will hopefully end the hackusations. I don't want to start a drama, but Joe, i'm not using hacks, by now you have accused me of using literally all the hacks that exist, it was fun in the beginning, but it's getting worse, by adding things like me winning team joining, switching to the winning team, and leaving the losing team. Here is a video where i'm using a "/nofog" hack. This is actual ingame video, not a recording of a demo. (in a demo you can't see the typing, and all the messages are posted twice)

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No Fog HAX

Post by SysX » Sat 16. Dec 2017, 13:28

Man do you really have text to speech turned on ingame, on topic I thought it was all fun and games.
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Small request for you, don't jump into a tank when we have a 1v1 dm ^^ damn that triggers me man <3
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No Fog HAX

Post by loucast » Sun 17. Dec 2017, 02:42

what's with the masochistic text to speech zon?