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Epic Stat Server

Post by Pegasus » Fri 16. Mar 2018, 21:48

As another (hopefully last) update for this thread, Epic's UDK documentation service has also returned since yesterday evening, this time served from the api.unrealengine.com subdomain. The part relevant to UE2.x, internally referred to as Two, can now be accessed from here, so those of you interested in (re)visiting that knowledge base may want to update your bookmarks accordingly.

Since both of Epic's UT2004-related and previously interrupted services have returned and seem to be operating smoothly again, I'd recommend checking to ensure this remains the state of affairs, say, in a week from now (Friday evening). At that point, and assuming no dysfunctional relapse in the meantime, this thread could be seen to have served its purpose and thus could then be considered for unpinning and relocation to the UT2004 General subforum.

While I've already gone into the reasons for why I avoided personally participating in petitioning Epic to reinstate the aforementioned services on their own msg. board, I nevertheless still appreciate the efforts of those that did choose to go the other way, and would thus like to thank everyone who personally engaged and lent their voice on behalf of the still active UT player base for more than a month in order to drive attention to the matter and pressure for its resolution.
Additionally, I believe a particular distinction is in order for Miauz specifically for not letting up or becoming jaded in the face of apparent abandonment, for staying on top of this matter and engaging in a respectful and persistent matter across a number of platforms with Epic personnel until a tangible response was finally elicited and corrective action was then taken.
To my mind, not only did this episode help exhibit the best qualities our entire UT community still possesses and can draw from - and why it should still be regarded by Epic as a potentially affirming character witness in the eyes of other gamers, rather than, say, be seen as some kind of force hostile to the company's current business plan - but it showed that people wouldn't just sit around and let the UT2004 world crumble around them in silence, possibly also postponing worse outcomes for the game's online existence from playing out later on. Whatever one might see as the more probable scenario for the game's future, one thing will be certain: being vigilant and proactive in terms of contingency planning is the key to staving off decay and collapse, either due to premeditated plans or just natural causes.

Here's hoping this incident has now bought us more time and some much needed calm to focus back on other issues after a period of uncertainty.
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Re: Epic Stat Server

Post by widurr » Sun 18. Mar 2018, 14:13

When it was down, it looked like a DNS problem - name ut2004stats.epicgames.com did not resolve to any IP.
So I'll just leave it here just in case:
Name: ut2004stats.epicgames.com