March 16th - 15 year anniversary of UT 2004

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March 16th - 15 year anniversary of UT 2004

Post by Hyden »

I am so glad the game has lasted this long. I switched to UT2004 from Star Trek Elite Force with my old clan sWs. My original name was Nom Anor, I later used the name Hyden as it was a name I starting using while secretly watching for troublemakers as a server admin. I bought the limited edition DVD set that came in a metal wrapped cardboard box and included a Logitech headset, my first.
Eventually we ended up running 3 servers, an ONS (Ground Zero) and vCTF server based out of New Jersey in the US and an iCTF server (Crimson Waters) in England. Our servers used many mutators which were very popular with players, in particular the auto turrets know as sentinels which I eventually came to hate. We ended our UT2004 servers and moved to UT3, hoping it would be as good but sadly it was not to be.

I enjoy my time greatly playing on CEONSS, this game has probably given me the most value for money spent on any game.

Congrats on 15 Year’s, UT2004. I hope it lasts a while longer!
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Re: March 16th - 15 year anniversary of UT 2004

Post by SysX »

Ye it's amazing how long this game has been lasting throughout all these year.
Kinda funny I once started with onslaught, then dived into other gametypes and ended up back with onslaught... it was ment to be I suppose :>

My first few visits on Ceonss was so positive I just kept comming back, all because of most of the ppl that are playing here.
Glad to have got to know you all and made this server one of my favorites to play on.
WOooHOoo!! »\o\°\O/°/o/«
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March 16th - 15 year anniversary of UT 2004

Post by Miauz55555 »

It's already 17 =D