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Old video cards and UT2004

Postby Cat1981England » Sat 28. Jul 2012, 21:42

I was messing about installing win98 :yoman: today on an old IBM T41 (£30 ebay) laptop and thought i would give UT2004 a go to see how it runs. With a ATI MR 7500 i had everything turned down apart from the res 1024 x 768 (native) and the fog distance (max) and was getting over 30 fps on torlan. Not bad for a mid ranged laptop card from 2001. I've also got UT running on an old Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 in the past although that had a bit more going for it.

So my question is, what is the oldest/crappiest/worst gpu you've managed to get UT working on?
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