What a countdown node is

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What a countdown node is

Post by lilalurl » Sat 9. Oct 2010, 12:26

Since several people have asked online what a countdown node is after seeing it in some of the maps on the server, here is a quick introduction.

A countdown node is a specific type of node which originally appeared in Unreal Tournament III:

Now thanks to Wormbo's coding skills, it is possible to use a similar feature in UT2004:
http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/User:Wormb ... htSpecials

A countdown node, once it is built will start a countdown. If the countdown reaches 0 successfully (ie the enemy cannot destroy the node before it reaches 0), it will then trigger a specific event.

Right now, the countdown nodes featured on CEONSS works this way:
Countdown is 30 seconds. Once the countdown is finished, it will reduce the energy of the enemy power core by 10.