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Re: Strange happenings in UT2004

Posted: Wed 4. Jun 2014, 16:17
by [P]etya
Nope, if the server doesn't use its voting system, which isn't mandatory anyway. That security hole lied in the UTComp's voting and it has been proved that without using that feature it is completely safe, because many servers still use UTComp without its voting system and none of them have been hacked via the security hole so far.

Strange happenings in UT2004

Posted: Wed 29. Nov 2017, 22:05
by Zon3r
If i'm in a vehicle that can survive the first shot from the bio tank, my view gets messed up, it stays that way till i respawn, this happens every time, anyone else has this? just go to the end of the video, i was too lazy to crop

Strange happenings in UT2004

Posted: Thu 30. Nov 2017, 01:36
by Miauz55555
It's a comman and known bug inside the vehicle code. That's why you will normaly not find a BioTank + Mino/ Levi in levels which we edited/ build. (I know that RedPlanet thing is on the server, but it's not edited bye us. ;))