A quick way to find what your non-QWERTY keys are

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A quick way to find what your non-QWERTY keys are

Post by lilalurl » Wed 26. Jan 2011, 20:48

Here is a tip that might be of interest for people who don't have a QWERTY keyboard.

If you want to do some keybinds via your user.ini you might be a bit lost sometimes because it uses the equivalent of QWERTY for the key names and also some non-standard keys are called UnknownXXXX.

The quickest way I have found to know what key is what is the following:

Open your user.ini
Open an Excel spreadsheet
Locate the lines with empty keybinds. For instance, UnknownF5= and the following lines. Cut them.
Paste them into Excel, in the first column. Then do the same in the 3rd column.

In the first line of the 2nd column type TeamSay.
In the same line, select the other columns.
Then use the Excel command to copy the first cell (TeamSay) in all the columns (it is in the Edit menu, and should be in English something called Fill, Down or something like that)

So for every line, you will have something like UnknownF5= TeamSay UnknownF5=.

Paste that in your user.ini.
Run the game.

Now you just have to press a key to see how it is called in your user.ini.