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Tutorial videos

Post by [P]etya » Sun 17. Aug 2014, 09:03

So recently I decided to make tutorial videos where you can see how to do certain tricks. I thought that making a thread would be nice for these videos instead of making one for each of them. I hope you will like it and make use of it. (Other self-made tutorials are also welcome) :thumbup:

The first tutorial is the famous vehicle wallclimbing, which you can accomplish with Scorpion, Hellbender and with the Badger. It is sorcery's favourite trick. :D I did it with Scorpion.


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Re: Tutorial videos

Post by Karma_geddon » Sun 17. Aug 2014, 16:39

Great idea Pet! :thumbup:

Also, kudos for the final death in the video xD
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Re: Tutorial videos

Post by Steinein » Thu 21. Aug 2014, 15:47

Ah so this is how you do that.
I was very confused a few days ago when I saw a scorpion hanging at the top of the wall, shooting at me :P