Prevent bots from "stealing" vehicles at map start

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Prevent bots from "stealing" vehicles at map start

Post by lilalurl » Mon 7. Feb 2011, 14:02

Here is a quick tip for those who would not know about it.
It can be quite useful for people who play at times when there are bots in the player roster.

As you know, bots are not really teamplay oriented and at a map start, instead of waiting for team mates to share their vehicles, they have a tendency to take a vehicle and drive to a node.

There is one way to prevent that, using the "speech menu". IIRC, it is bound to the V key by default. When you press it, it will bring a menu. You need to select the 3rd item called "Order" (either with your mouse or with the 3 key). Then you will arrive on a new menu.

You need to select the item "Hold this position". When you say that, the bots will try to come and stay where you gave them the order.
Then you can go to the vehicles

However, if you do that, you must not forget to use the "Attack their base" command (also in the Order menu) because otherwise, the bots will do nothing.

There is an issue with this solution, it takes some time to operate, so it is possible that the bots will be too quick and steal vehicles.

So the best solution is to use some keybinds to quickly access the two orders.
For Hold this position, use:
speech ORDER 1

For Attack their base, use:
speech ORDER 2

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Re: Prevent bots from "stealing" vehicles at map start

Post by I'mStoned! » Wed 9. Mar 2011, 17:13

I would also like to mention the problem (if it is a problem, i think yes) where the bots take a vehicle and just leave it, (so they unlock it, don't use it and just leave it there, so the oponent players can easily take a goliath (bitchslap). That can jeopardise the whole advantage of one team.