EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

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EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by aximon » Wed 29. Jul 2015, 17:11


Please see the video description for more details.

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Re: EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by Cat1981England » Wed 29. Jul 2015, 20:21

Wow, really nice work :clap:

I few thumbs up on Youtube would be nice boys and girls :thumbup:
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Re: EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by N4rkoT1k » Thu 30. Jul 2015, 13:07

A friend of mine sent me that clip yesterday :)

Amazing skills and frags on display right there!

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Re: EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by Steinein » Fri 31. Jul 2015, 02:39

Cool video, got some nice shots in there! :clap:
Who's good with video editing and makes one of CEONSS footage :)

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Re: EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- » Fri 31. Jul 2015, 17:04

Fantastic video. Editing is top-notch ;)

Thanks for sharing :thumbup: Pat on the back to all involved.

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Re: EDGE2 - Fragmovie by F51

Post by s°rcery » Mon 3. Aug 2015, 15:20

Some players can now -maybe- understand the talent before accused of "hax" :)
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