Colored names...

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Colored names...

Post by MikeFiend » Tue 17. Nov 2015, 17:31

Hey gang, what's up? Someone said hello to me today on the server today, but kept calling me, "MiceFiend." Then it went to, "Mice", repeatedly. I finally replied back with, "Mike?", to which s/he typed back, "No, MICE, because of the way your name is colored. Now, on my old server and a couple others, I do in fact use name coloring, but I don't see this on the CEONSS server anywhere. Is there a way to enable this somehow, or was this person maybe just referring to my name-tag on other servers? Thx!

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Re: Colored names...

Post by Miauz55555 » Tue 17. Nov 2015, 21:14

Hey Mike,

that with the coloured name is a mod. And i think it's not installed on ceonss?
The server config is written in the server browser of the game. And for example the LDG-servers has this mod installed.
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Re: Colored names...

Post by Pegasus » Tue 17. Nov 2015, 21:15

Hey, Mike, good to see you still around.

Had to do some reading up on this to make sure my previous impressions were correct before posting, and, it turns out, as far as players customizing the colour of their ingame nicks goes (n.b.: a separate issue from admins colouring how their server's name appears in the game's browser), official/native support for it was dropped after some game patch by Epic around 2005 or so, since it seemed to already have been regarded negatively by the community majority at the time. Since then, ingame nick colouring for up-to-date patched servers (v3369) has only been available to players through custom mutators, the most popular (and for a brief period whitelisted) example of which being UTcomp. Trouble is, when it comes to ONS servers specifically, UTcomp is known to clash with ONSPlus to such an extent that having both working at the same time is impractical, thus leaving admins with the tough call between which functionality they'd rather maintain for their communities and which to drop. Historically speaking, given CEONSS' priorities, the decision was kinda obvious.
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