New idea about fair play

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New idea about fair play

Postby joeblow » Thu 21. Jul 2016, 15:39

New idea i have had that if a person logs out in the last 2 mins of a match....AKA /ragequit

They cannot log into play the next match.

I used to do this manually to a few chronic players....0 kick I call it. An admin 0 kick means you are kicked for the next map played only. In admin setting you can pick how many rounds to kick someone and 0 means next map only.

The tweek would be if they are on the loosing team they get the zero kick.

Just and idea I got reading thru the Omni forums about team switching,team balancing,and ragequiting. I think it would effect everyone equally. I leave on occasion like yesterday the cats knocked over all kinds of stuff in my office here mid game so I had to leave.

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Re: New idea about fair play

Postby -Nick- » Fri 22. Jul 2016, 22:32

I think generally fair play is already encouraged and enforced by management. There are rules such as not repeatedly leaving the loseing team, which is a form of rage quiting, and has led to players to be removed from the server, and if repeated, banned from the server. As you perfectly noted Joe, players do and will abruptly leave the game because of life, just like them bloody cats fucking up your office. In the case of rage quitting and unless blatant, vairous reasons have to be acknowledged to justify immediate admin action. Again, unless blatant, It's hard to distinguish when players are not vocal of their departure whether or not it is a true rage quit. Therefor i see no reason for an additional admin tool.

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