Running UT2004 on macOS Sierra

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Running UT2004 on macOS Sierra

Postby ThunderCat » Sat 26. Nov 2016, 01:11

Figured since there's a thread about running UT2k4 on Windows -- I thought we might have our own thread for the people running UT2k4 on Macs :cool2cool:

I know there's at least couple of you out there that operate in the Mac OS X/macOS ecosystem -- so I felt maybe it would be a good idea to have thread where we could share our own experiences and discuss any issues we might have :thumbup:

Anyhoots -- the reason why I am reaching out is because after a recent update I have encountered a few hiccups that I just can't seem to resolve :thumbdown:

I've been playing UT2004 on and off now for the last 7-8 years -- ever since the glory days of Leopard/Snow Leopard (Rip Rosetta :lol: ) -- with no problems at all. But after I updated to macOS Sierra -- weird things started happening ...

So -- issue #1: Freezing
After I first launched UT2k4, I noticed some hanging(?) when pressing buttons in the menus. Even pressing "Join Game" freezes the game for a good 5-10 seconds before the screen comes up. This freeze also happens when I press sub menu categories like "LAN"; "Favorites", and "Internet". This hanging or freezing is also present when first joining the server -- and when switching between maps before and after the loading screen (in-game).

issue #2: In-game mouse scrolling/weapon switching
This one is kinda hard to explain but probably the most frustrating one -- so please bear with me :lol: You know how when you scroll the mouse wheel to toggle which weapon to bring up -- you click once from bio rifle you get assault rifle, once more you get mines/grenades, then shock rifle and so on ...
Well, mine seems to be picking weapons at almost random. It can scroll fine one way -- but when I scroll back it stops half way through and just toggles between 2 or 3 weapons in that "section".

I'll try to illustrate with numbers:
When I scroll (down) from 1 to 9, it works smoothly. But if I scroll the other way -- from 9 to 1 (up) -- it stops at 5. I keep scrolling (up) and it jumps back to 7, I keep scrolling (up) and it goes down to 5. Keep scrolling (up) and it goes back to 7.

Numbers 5* and 7* might vary depending which weapon locker I pick up. Kinda like how the old UT-weapons bugged out on Fors's map edit on Valaryan(?).

I've been sweeping through the settings with no luck -- and Google has proven itself quite unhelpful ...
So I have no idea how to start troubleshooting :dunnosoz:

Has anybody experienced anything similar before or have any slightest idea what might be causing this?

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Re: Running UT2004 on macOS Sierra

Postby ]M[ » Sat 26. Nov 2016, 10:13

Thanks for the heads-up & getting this thread started, TC :thumbup:

I'm currently (still^) running UT 2004 on Mavericks (OS X 10.9, 2013 - for the uninitiated^) - all OK except for issues with switching screen resolution, i.e.: .ini settings edits no longer seem to work, and require setres command via console... oh, also my offline maps list has gotten a bit sticky, but I suspect that this is to do with a near 20GB install, with (way too^) many maps collected over the years... x)

(btw, apart from the above, UT 2004 has run smooth as uncrashable whipped cream on Mac OS since, well, 2004 and Panther/Tiger (OS X 10.3/4^) for me... ;) )

Not seeing much out on the web re: UT/10.12 as yet, but will try it out myself on Sierra soonish, as I've recently installed to a new SSD, & report back on my findings... :)

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Re: Running UT2004 on macOS Sierra

Postby Miauz55555 » Sat 26. Nov 2016, 13:25

Thunder you may rename (while the game is close) your user.ini, you ut2004.ini and your UT2004.log from the systems folder and rename your cache folder (so that it will not be deleted). Restart the game (will may take a litle longer) and try again. Than take a look inside the log if there is anything suspicious. I would try that before a clean instalation.

I know nearly nothing about the mac-os but I recently saw nearly the same topic where they had no problem running it on (El Capitan 10.11.6.) whatever that is with that inside:
Posted from "hardspike"

And that what has nearly the same informations than the topic from GOG.
Posted from "Anonymous[Lolz]"
Originally Posted by ... mavericks/
You need to get yourself the CD-Key for Unreal Tournament 2004. If you have dusting around the game somewhere you are sorted. If not, well just do some google magic and you find it. I do recommend to just go and spend the 10 bucks for this awesome game. Historically, most current Games still use the Unreal Gaming engine so you would even own a piece of gaming history.
Step 1 – Download the files
Download the Mac demo and the Mac patch from the below links and save it somewhere on your Mac. To make it a little easy I hosted them on my Mega Storage Cloud so go ahead and download them via this link: Mega_UT2004_package
UT2004 Mac Demo Version 3334 (268 MB)
UT2004 Mac Patch v.3369.2 (200 MB)
Step 2 – Extract the Mac Demo Version
Extract the Mac demo version and move it to your Application folder (Or anywhere on your Mac). Now we need to rename the demo version and for that just remove the “demo” out of the file's name. (Unreal Tournament 2004) – Now right click the demo and choose Show Package Contents to see the application’s contents. Go to Contents -> Mac OS and rename the file to the same name (remove the demo).
Step 3 – Install the PC Version
You can either download the Game from various places on the net or if you got already a copy install your own CD of UT2004. This is a PC version and requires Windows, in case you don’t have a Windows machine there are various ways how to get the CD installed. We only need the File-Content as it is not required to start the game. Example tools: Virtualmachine, Wine, Crossover, Wineskin – whatever you prefer.
Step 4 – Copy Files
After you installed the PC version copy the entire content (all folders) to the Mac version. (Right click – Show Package Contents) and overwrite all files and folders.
Step 5 – Patching
Now we can execute the prior download patch. Extract it and execute it. It might ask you for the folder location, point it there and all done.
Step 6 – CD-Key
Last Step – Open Unreal Tournament 2004 Folder on your Mac (Right Click – Show Package Contents) and go to Systems. Here, make a file named "cdkey" with the CD-Key included.

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Re: Running UT2004 on macOS Sierra

Postby ThunderCat » Sat 26. Nov 2016, 16:53

]M[ wrote:Thanks for the heads-up & getting this thread started

Haha! No problem ]M[!
Glad I could be your personal guinea pig :lol: jk*

Yeah if I knew this would happen I probably would have reconsidered upgrading the OS.

I haven't delved too much into external screens ...
Owning only laptops and an ancient iMac -- resolution has never been any issue :think:
So I'm afraid I don't have any pointers regarding 3rd party monitors :dunnosoz:

But yeah -- please do! :thumbup:
If of course you encounter anything. Or even if you don't. It would be nice to hear if things run smoothly on other machines.
Miauz55555 wrote:I know nearly nothing about the mac-os but I recently saw nearly the same topic

Aha! Thank you very much, Miauz -- nice find! :D
I've been skimming through that thread and there are definitely a few tricks in there worth trying :thumbup:
If any of them work I will buy you a beer :cheers:

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