CEONSS on instagram

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CEONSS on instagram

Postby Hydro » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 08:08

Hi there :ghehe:

what do u think of an instagram page for CEONSS ?! :cool2cool:

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Re: CEONSS on instagram

Postby ThunderCat » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 09:13

For some reason, instagram/ceonss is taken :wtf:

But this begs the question -- who would administer it?
Would a few handful share the account? What criteria do we set as who'll get log in info?

Don't get me wrong -- I'd love to see what Cat is having for lunch every other day :lol: But that also leads me to another question -- what kind of content should we be aiming for? Is Instagram the right platform for a gaming community?

I like the idea -- and I think getting on social media would be great for reaching out to new players :thumbup: But there's a few challenges worth considering how it should be operated :think:

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Re: CEONSS on instagram

Postby Gaffer » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 12:51

Not to be crass or anything, but I'm preparing my dick pics

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Re: CEONSS on instagram

Postby Cat1981England » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 19:06

I would ask you what instagram is, but after reading Gaff's post, i'm guessing a gay dating site?
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Re: CEONSS on instagram

Postby EmanReleipS » Wed 14. Dec 2016, 19:55

Cat1981England wrote:I would ask you what instagram is, but after reading Gaff's post, i'm guessing a gay dating site?

:lol: It's basically a site for sharing pictures/photos. Not sure what exactly we'd use it for. A Youtube channel would make more sense, but Thunder has a good point. Who'd take care of the content and what exactly would we/they upload?

I made an instagram account the other day for entering a contest. I got a couple of subscribers before I had uploaded a single thing! I think there are a lot of bots around on that site.

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