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Posted: Sat 25. Feb 2017, 21:26
by miley.cyrus
I started the server and have not done any changes and now ServerMenu works online, no color codes added. No idea why windows had to be restarted to get it working again.


Computers... :) :lol:

I will not try color codes anytime soon, it can wait...

Re: ServerMenu

Posted: Sun 26. Feb 2017, 15:08
by miley.cyrus
It worked today, then I restarted server and its not working any more, tried to logout/login computer, didnt help.
I then removed the ServerBots mutator, which I already have disabled in its .ini file, and now ServerMenu works again.


Posted: Sun 26. Feb 2017, 16:16
by miley.cyrus
Tested some more...

ServerMenu conflicts with...

Info for when I want to use them again.

I will be looking for some other ServerMenu that dont conflicts at all.

PS I added some color codes and they work just fine
edit2: I see the colorcode under "vehicles" tab had @@ visable so that didnt work
used the colorcode chart from
edit: backup link ... ode-colors

...maybe I try the ProAsm ServerColor, which is a standalone program, to see if
that works


Posted: Fri 3. Mar 2017, 15:44
by miley.cyrus
I tried the ProAsm ServerColors program but dont like it.

Had another look at Killing Floor color chart
edit: backup link ... ode-colors

It didnt work before but this time it worked but it was abit messy to do the
copy-and-paste of the whole color chart into ServerColor1c.ini because it
was just one color code on each line but after 38 it had some extra spaces
so you could figure out at the next column of 38 started.

I cut and paste manually, wow that took some time, and ended up with this

On the lower area they are just placed from left to right, what a mess, so I
cut and paste them into columns

Better but still a mess.

I looked at the original color chart and it was 6 columns with 38 color in each
and I could fit it in ServerMenu if I cut in half for 2 coloumn with 17 colors
making it 12 columns.

No I didnt want todo this manually again, but I found an paste option in the
editor, EditPlus, that could paste as columns, perfect. I was much easier but
it had inserted tabs and spaces. I did alot of search and replace and started
UT2004 to see how it looked, and there was still some spaces here and there.

Cant use the "block" symbol, "███", using "iiiii", 5 x i which works pretty good.
Eventually I ended up with a perfect color chart with "iiiii", 5 x i, except for
one place, "iiii" with 4 x i, thats weird I thought and it was hard to search for
so I looked manually and all had 5 x i, weird, I thougth I was going mad.

I then located the coloum and line and added an i for 6 x i, then tested and it
was perfect.

Here is the code in ServerMenu

6 x i which looked perfect

123456 and numbers

here you see the result, the first number disappears



Posted: Fri 3. Mar 2017, 15:56
by miley.cyrus
I got anoter tab with just some color names, will add more later.


Here is the final color codes chart


Much better.

I like minialistic design so I wont use alot of colors and dont
like the scrollbars, ruins the black and clean look. I will try
out some text colors later on.

Another thing, I was on another gameserver and it had something
that looked like ServerMenu but also a workaround for it it
not supporting hyperlinks, to open the webbrowser.
They had short names you could type in console and do it,
ie type "donate" and the webbrowser for that link opened.

I tested my links with the command OPEN url, which works but
still the long url adress


I have google but cant find anything todo that.


Posted: Fri 3. Mar 2017, 17:17
by miley.cyrus
I had tested the ServerMenu today on the map
only because it had a nice picture :-) in offline (SP) mode but now when I was done
I tried to start the server with that map and instantly it crashed the server, I thought
that I had fixed that problem, see the TS. Tried several times but same, then I started
the server with VCTF-DG-Arctika that been working and it started.

I tried to switch to another map, VCTF-SecretWeapons, but it coundnt connect to
the server hadnt crashed, I tried again and it worked, tried serveral other maps
and they work, even the VCTF-CTC-EscapeFromNewYork-b1+
which Im currently in works.


Posted: Fri 3. Mar 2017, 18:11
by miley.cyrus
I tried again and restarted UT2004 and the server and the map
and instantly it crashed, restarted UT2004 and started server
and the same map but without the ServerMenu mutator,
and it works.

There is something else that conflicts with ServerMenu.


Posted: Sun 5. Mar 2017, 16:20
by miley.cyrus
I removed all spaces to get the 5 x i closer together which makes it
easier to see the color difference.

This background is pretty bright and ServerMenu background i a little
transparent and bright spots comes through somewhat.


I made a color coordinate system to make it easier to find a color

The color codes has some letters and numbers removed,

I added some extra, color 2a, 2b, 2d, 2f, that I, on my monitor can
make out some difference, might be color calibration etc etc.

PS note that color 4n have wrong color but that is the 6 x i problem
code, its a "No-Break Space", which probably is not implemented is the
UT2004 character set that ServerMenu uses. I will copy the color 4k
and forget about it, it looks similar.


Posted: Tue 7. Mar 2017, 23:19
by miley.cyrus
Is there any tool that can do the color codes in WYSIWYG?
...not the ServerColor style,
mark the text with the color you want and not see the color code at all, then press
a key so see and copy and paste it to the Servermenu1c.ini

It shouldnt be that hard to code it for a pro

Re: ServerMenu

Posted: Tue 7. Mar 2017, 23:39
by Pegasus
Moving this fascinating blog thread to the General section, as it has little to do with the development of any specific, UT/ONS-related project.