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Post by Ariel » Sat 25. Jun 2011, 00:35

This mutator announces when players get "Double Kill", "Multi Kill", etc. It's a whitelisted mutator so it won't make the server non-standard.
Pros: All players on the server can see how awesome you are (e. g. laboRHEinz had a M O N S T E R K I L L!!!) :D, getting, in some cases, appreciation from the other players (nice shot, good job, etc.)

Cons: It may be intimidating to less skilled players or can even cause accusations for cheating ("OMG, that guy just had a MEGA KILL, he must be pro...i'm out of here - or - "fuckin' cheater leave bla bla") :)

I'm just suggesting it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i personally like it...makes me feel good about myself in-game :P
I uploaded the mutator here if anyone wants to test it.


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Re: MonsterAnnouncer

Post by Pegasus » Mon 27. Jun 2011, 20:30

Sure it would serve to inflate the otherwise fragile ego of a few cocky hitscan (and tank) divas, but other than likely becoming something that most ppl would eventually tune out (and increasingly irritating to the rest) I just don't see what kind of positive contribution a mutator like this could make. Ppl use zounds in closed community TAM/CTF/freon servers, true, but that's in quite a different set of conditions (used less, requires less memory, ppl there aren't as anonymous and prone to troll each other, etc.).

Still, this is just my own view on this and, of course, the end decision rests with Heinz. If he chimes in favorably, I guess we'll have ourselves a new mutator, so let's wait n' see.