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Re: Player Cards

Post by RottenToTheCore » Fri 6. Mar 2015, 23:30

Name: RottenToTheCore

DM skills: On Ceonss above average, can't oppose funky and daly though. I suck when i am hungry and tired. Practising on TAM/Freon a lot for DM skills. Like shock comboing and painting you green with link secondary.

ONS Strategy: Trying to reach and touch nodes very fast. On the way to the nodes kind of aggressive player, never avoiding a fight, often chasing players which also often leads to death - want to be more strategic sometimes to reach the team goals, but i just can't :mrgreen: .

Favorite weapons: Long distance = shock and LG, random rockets medium distance = shock, flak short distance = link secondary and flak

Favorite vehicles: Don't like vehicles too much. If i would chose one it would be the cicada. I goddamn hate tanks.

Other useful info: Often trying to find another way to nodes to stab the enemy into the back. I hate slow maps and long ways to nodes - which i would love in a MMORPG though :D. Trying to balance when possible. Trying to repair team-vehicles if possible. I can be a score-whore *waves to droops*

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Re: Player Cards

Post by BabyBLU' » Tue 7. Apr 2015, 18:46

Name: BLU

DM skills: I usually try to avoid DM contacts as it wastes time on an ons match so i preffer not to kill anything. I always try my best and i have better days and bad days. Often i play TAM to regain my reflexes. As skill i'd say i'm above average.

ONS Strategy: I'm fast, fast builder and very fast on vehicles and on foot. I play as if do it all alone, i don't rely on others to do my job. Best defense is attacking, with good strategy and good focus no game should be lost. If i have a good backup then all good for the team and would say that i'm the kind of player that drags the whole team after him.

Favorite weapons: Long distance = shock and LG, medium distance = bio and flak, short distance = link secondary and shield.

Favorite vehicles: Manta

Other useful info: I always play to win, i don't fool around, i'm always focused on node links and i have seconds counting in my brains. I have that good feeling that helps me take down critical nodes before the enemy. I have bad days though, mostly when there's no good fella in the opposite team so i have no motivation, and i hate those moments. Also i hate slow maps with modified vehicles. Once i get pissed off i slow down and lose focus. That's me :)

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Re: Player Cards

Post by widurr » Wed 8. Apr 2015, 20:32

Name: Widurr

DM Skills: Average. Can't match top players, but I like duels and sometimes emerge victorious even with them (I sometimes get frustrated when someone else suddenly joins and steals the kill after long lasting duel).

ONS Strategy: I like pushing forward on one selected path. When killed, will most likely appear soon at the same node I just died (over and over again). Sometimes I just stay back and defend.

Favorite weapons: Shock (very recently) - long and medium, Rocket - medium - close, Flak - close.

Favorite vehicles: I'm not a fan of vehicles in general and I'm a poor driver of any kind of vehicle, but if I had to pick, it's Badger on land and Raptor in the sky. I prefer speed over brual strength.

Other useful info: I'm relatively new to multiplayer UT and even don't know what a shield jump is :( I prefer small maps and don't like those large, vehicle-dependant ones. I'm a team player and will pretty much always link with others to build nodes or keep a live a tank or attack, wait to pick up others with a vehicle, but I'm not familiar yet with any advanced tactics. I like nodes to be at 100% health, so I always repair them if I decide I can spare few seconds. I hate spawn killing, it's lame, just as when newjoiners go to a winning team. I always try to play fair, though ocasionally, in the heat of the battle, I can shoot you when you're typing a message, sorry for that ;) And I really don't like spider mines.

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Re: Player Cards

Post by Sernemissza » Sun 17. Jan 2016, 17:07

Name: Sernemissza (Serne), AKA soulHUnter, Meat.Loaf, and on the demo serves: U2 (easy to figure out why).

DM Skill: Average, depends on freshness, mood and even on weather.

Strategy & Tactics: Defensive. I'm on offense if my team mates are rookies or it's a balanced match, and on repair if my team is good.
I like to look back for loose ends and unused vehicles.
My primary targets is the multi-linked nodes, i call these as "Alpha".
I'm on secondary targets (Beta), if i'm sure my team on the primary nodes.
I will not write everything, but if you interested in details, read my padawan's book: Sun-Tzu / The art of war.

Favorite weapons: Sarcasm, meowing, and as it turned out in the recent days: my kitten skin can distract my opponents.
Seriously: Everything what i found effective.
Lightning gun for long distance, shock rifle for medium and point defense (useful in DD & CTF, and for neutral nodes),
and in the close combat: Flak, and shock alter is great against flak, rocket, shield charge.
Few years ago i set the shock to the best weapon, because i had poor aim, and it's a lot better now.
I'm trying evolve with everything, even if it is slow, and just finished my training with the bio rifle.
My new suspect is the lightning gun (some of you already felt it). Fear me.

Favorite vehicles: As the 4th grade top-ace X-Wing pilot, i found the manta as an unique vehicle.
As an old player i'm fine with everything, i like practice the eagle-eye with a standard goliath, even on SlatedWorld.
I choose my vehicle according to the circumstances: on huge maps it's raptor for an example.

Other useless info: I know a guy, who can move really good, and it's looked familiar, but when i tried, i can't carried out.
As i found out, i knew this style from the Tomb Raider. I'm not that good, and not that maniac.
I'm looking for new ways to kill, interested in fun, if it's does not hinder my team.
Sometimes i lose my cool, most of the time because the campers.
After the 5th same death i can really pissed off, and sometimes i started chasing the campers.
Sometimes for the "gray" my answer is "more grayness". I think it's corruption, ruins the mood and not just for mine.

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Re: Player Cards

Post by [P]etya » Tue 19. Jan 2016, 20:57

Now I can analyze your playstyles to develop an ultimate hardcounter. :lol:

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Re: Player Cards

Post by Sernemissza » Wed 27. Jan 2016, 13:38


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Player Cards

Post by lichReen » Fri 9. Nov 2018, 09:07

Name: lichReen

DM Skills: idk, I was an Instagib player for a while and then CTF. I think shock hitscan and LG are the most important things to practice. However I am of the opinion that Flak is right up there with the most important weapons to know how to use. Full flak prime is the unsung hero of many fights. Movement is just as important as aim. Be unpredictable, weave dodge i.e. front/side/back dodge while also short running one direction then another, mixing those all up.

ONS Strategy: In short, rush infiltration warfare. My play style is to both be a frontline force to push an enemy team back when it comes toe to toe, but I like to flank and hit the enemy from the sides, rear, above and under. In my opinion, the best way to disrupt and completely ravage an enemy is to go deep into their lines, then divide them up, hitting them from different angles all at once. The aim for the infiltration trooper is to gain control of an area by being smart-aggressive. Taking nodes after clearing the area, and then moving on quickly hoping your team will catch up now that the path is clear is the goal. Violence, speed, momentum.

Favourite Weapsons: LG, Shock and Flak. Shock as the most versatile for semi-close quarters and far shooting. LG for HS and to switch back to shock after hit. Flak prime for CQB, never rockets. Flak prime is 117 on full hit, rocket is 87. Shell can be 130 or more.

Favourite vehicles: EONS Scorpion, Alligator (best rush tank), ballista for one-hit marksman tank.

Other useful info: Anytime you get killed, it's your fault. Always have that mentality. Be tactile, no excuses.
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Player Cards

Post by SysX » Thu 15. Nov 2018, 14:36

Name: Sys-X
DM skills: Above average, hitscan heavy player.
ONS Strategy: Usually the one going back to recap nodes and play more on the defensive side.
Favorite weapons: Shock rifle and lg/sniper for most distances, flak and rocketlauncher for close combat.
Favorite vehicles: Mantas and raptors.
Other useful info: I try to be a helpfull team mate with linking up nodes and repairing vehicles, most of the time you'll see me deathmatching to fight back a lost node, also I can be overly defensive at times and forget to push out.
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Player Cards

Post by Crusha K. Rool » Sat 15. Jun 2019, 16:25

Name: [GSPB]Crusha.T32

DM skills: I guess I am somewhere in the upper third of the roster, but it really depends on the day. On some days I am "in the zone" and hit everything like an aimbot. On other days I whiff every hitscan shot even when the enemies walk in a predictable path. That's when I switch to something that requires less accuracy (often even going for the Shield Gun in close range).

ONS Strategy: On maps without fast vehicles, I try to take the fight to the enemy and kill them before they get to our nodes in the first place. It's all about making sure that our own reinforcements can spawn closely while keeping the enemy nodes on lockdown. On larger maps, I tend to play more defensively and try to hold important nodes while hoping that the rest of the team moves out. If that doesn't work, I start supporting the offense.

Favorite weapons: Long distance = Classic Sniper Rifle; medium distance = Shock Rifle, Rocket Launcher; short distance = Flak Cannon, Shield Gun; situational = EMP Mine

Favorite vehicles: SPMA, Paladin, EONS Scorpion

Other useful info: I am a sneaky rat. I love to mess with my enemies.
- Sometimes I take pot shots with a Sniper Rifle on a node just to have it show up as being attacked (without having the intention to take it down at that point in time) and having some enemies come to investigate the cause.
- Or I put grenades on a node or a vehicle and wait for an enemy to walk close by.
- If I can get an invisibility pickup or relic, I am having a field day.
- Hiding in an elevated location in the ruins of Spiffingrad and getting dozens of kills with the Classic Sniper Rifle without the enemy realizing (or at least trying to counter it) where the attacks are coming from feels so good.

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Player Cards

Post by Miauz55555 » Tue 20. Aug 2019, 21:01

Name: Miauz55555
DM skills: Average. Sometimes better, depends on my ISP as I mostly have Jitter from 10 - 100 ms.
ONS Strategy: Nodes and ignore opponends when possible. When fighting a opponent which is on the same skill level I mostly will let him go as it's to much time consuming to fight.
Favorite weapons: Shock rifle as I like the nice explosion. I also like it because it's a very tactikal weapon. But I needed many hours of stombos to be able to use it.
Favorite vehicles: Depends on the map .. in a flyer map the Railgun-Tank.
Other useful info: I try to catch you when you don't expect it. I will create a trap for you where you will step into, also or especially when you know it's a trap.