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Player Cards

Post by EmanReleipS »

Maniac suggested here to make a profile or card about each player, highlighting his or her playstyle and skills. The idea is that it gives us more knowledge about each other and how to work together efficiently as a team.

I will start with some info about myself. I hope I covered everything you had in mind, Mani.

Name: EmanReleipS (Ema)
DM skills: Depends on the day, on a good day relatively good but not on the same level as Dally or Funky
ONS Strategy: Always looking for ways to cut nodes off. I choose defending over attacking (i.e. if our primary is under attack but we could attack the other teams primary as well, I will defend). I usually spawn at the core to grab a fast vehicle there.
Favorite weapons: Long distance = shock, medium distance = shock, rockets or flak, short distance = flak
Favorite vehicles: Mantas or raptors. I have no patience for slow vehicles.
Other useful info: I tend not to build nodes if another important node is under attack. Also, I can't shield jump and I need to stand still to make shock combos (moving back and forth is okay, sideways is not).
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Droopy_Bollocks »

Name : Droopy Bollocks
DM Skills : I'm monumentally annoying but I always advocate attack, apart from that I'm a pretty easy kill for a skilled player
ONS Strategy : Hit that primary node hard and always look for a way behind the opposition
Favourite Weapons : Short = Shock, Rocket Medium = Shock Long = Shock & LR
Favourite Vehicles : Not got any really, below average with all of them if I'm honest
Other Useful Info : I don't go for glory, prefer to do the hard work quietly rather than score high, it's a team game always so build nodes, defend when needed and hit the opposition primaries hard when possible.

Pet Hates in Game : Spawn Killers, Flak Spammers, spiders and score hungry glory hunters.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Zon3r »

Name: [Zon3r]
DM skills: Medium, love shock comboes, and long range head shots
ONS Strategy: Depends on the match, if winning, then im a defender, if losing then attacker
Favorite weapons: Long distance = Lightning gun, sniper rifle. medium distance = shock rifle, lightning gun, sniper rifle, short distance = shock rifle, occasionally flak or rockets
Favorite vehicles: None, i'm moderately skilled with most of them, 3 maps can make me a tank camper(then you know there is something wrong with the map :) ).
Other useful info: i can perform better if i am in the losing team, if my team is dominating, i tend to be somewhere in the back counting headshots. you wont see me spawnkilling at the losing teams base. I play fair, and can be easily pissed off by certain douche players.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Maniac »

Thanks Ema! We'll see if it is an effective tool or a waste of time in the next match :)

Name: Maniac
DM skills: I move fast, but pretty predictable. Bad aim. Below average skills - will probably lose 1-v-1 to most of core server players.
ONS Strategy: Looking for chances to do most damage to other team tactics - kill a chaining node, important vehicle, distrupt plans somehow. Spending majority of time on frontline nodes getting rid of attackers.
Favorite weapons: shock, rocket launcher for fair play; flak, biogun and grenades for effective play ;). Use others as well if situation calls.
Favorite vehicles: badger/cicada for roaming, paladin for defence. I somehow get my vehicles destroyed in very short time.
Other useful info: Slow reaction on strategic situation changes. Can waste resources to do something unexpected. I know where you live.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Dalyup! »

Name: Dalyup!
DM skills: Probably one of the better duelists on the server. I play TAM and DM, and I'm usually just a bit above average there.
ONS Strategy:
  • The majority of the time I attack nodes but I will defend if need be.
  • I will always attack primary nodes (obviously) and nodes that can isolate other nodes.
  • Generally go for nodes that are usually left unguarded and/or have the least amount of enemy players around them, and will try to take routes where I don't have to encounter and fight enemies.
Favourite weapons: None really, but I suppose I mainly use hitscan weapons: shock and lightning gun.
Favourite vehicles: I enjoy shooting naughty individuals out of the sky of No Fly Zones with Hellbenders and Goliaths, but it depends. For attacking: flying vehicles, preferably raptor. For defending: land vehicles, preferably goliath.
Other useful info:
  • I almost always build nodes.
  • I can do almost all movement abilities (dodge jump, wall jump, shield dodge etc)
  • I can get frustrated when playing which can either lead me going Man-Mode or do worse.
  • I always correctly spell 'favourite'.
  • I am a horse.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by -FuNkY-MoNk-UK- »

This is a good idea for new players to give a brief overview of their expertise, whether they join the match events or just the main server. With our current regular players, though, i find it kinda novelty and hard to see how this will have a profound effect.

Name: -FuNkY-MoNk-UK-

DM skills: Moves like a monkey, fights like a gorilla!
-Really though, i like to stay spontaneous. Never know if i'll pull off the sheild jump walldodge 360 headshot, lols :lol: dish out a quick death, or just completely get caught out and killed. Not always consistent.

ONS strategy: Make it up as i go along. I like to be all over a map. I don't prefer to attack, or defend. I will pinpoint certain areas and players to weaken and break the enemy team.

Favourtie weapons: Shock, LG, Flak.

Favourtie vehicles: Manta and Raptor.

Other useful info: When asked to attack, defend certain nodes, I abide and always take the strategy of the team I'm playing with into account. But, undoubtedly, I play my best when i ''fill in'' wherever i feel is needed.
-Most effective on foot.
-Unrestricted, adaptable player.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Xac »

Ok, I'll have a go at this...

Name: Xac (not to be confused with my evil twin Zak)
DM skills: Despite playing on and off for ten years, skills mostly non existent (Shield jump? Ha, don't make me laugh, most of the time I struggle to even jump onto a manta...leading to inevitable jokes about "not being able to get on top" :lol:) Very poor aim, but can dodge quite well, until I try to concentrate too much on aiming....The game almost always seems to happen with a large amount of lag and I struggle to form a 3D world from a 2D image, so depth perception is a big problem. I'm also very slow at learning maps and can easily get lost.
ONS Strategy: Mostly lacking...quite good at running aimlessly at massed ranks of guns, respawning and doing the same again. Generally I try to hold back from the cutting edge of an attack to make sure the second node is at full strength/defended so the front line node is not cut off. I try to keep an eye on primaries and keep them defended, even if I don't kill the attacker, I can often survive long enough for back up to arrive and so frustrate an attack. Sometimes I do push forward and go straight for the core, ignoring any defenders and get some critical hits in, or act as a distraction while someone else finishes the core.
Favorite weapons: Most weapons on UT are very slow and require predictive shooting, and people will easily dodge them in most cases, so I like weapons like shock and minigun, which are almost instantaneous. But minigun is low impact and it's seen as bad manners to frag someone with one. Shock needs good aim, which I don't usually achieve. Generally I end up spamming with link or rockets. Flak never works for me, it never goes where I want it too. For short distances I like rockets (usually more of a danger to myself than anyone else :lol:) But it's satisfying when firing a salvo and getting it to hit the ground just where someone lands as they dodge :) The biorifle is lot of fun too :D
Favorite vehicles: Hellbender, good speed can have a lot of fun with the turret and also has spam capability. Wish it was not so easy to destroy. I like raptors, but still not the most skilful pilot. I like to fly top cover for mantas on the attack.
Other useful info: I tend to build nodes most of the time as I know I'm not going to have a big impact for the team with my DM capability. I also try to repair damaged nodes and help other players by repairing their vehicles if I have some link ammo. If you need a repair in game, come and find me and I will help if I can. I enjoy teamwork and get frustrated when most people just seem to go running off alone when they could have more impact if they waited and joined others and advanced together. I don't like spawn killers, people who put vehicles on teleporter pads and get annoyed by spiders, but am known to use them myself sometimes :P
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Re: Player Cards

Post by N4rkoT1k »


DM skills:
Above average - Playing 1on1 from time to time but mainly ONS so I am used to encounter more than 1 enemy at a time

ONS Strategy:
Attacking nodes is my major duty - even sneezing at an enemy node will prevent them from spawning there.
I will defend nodes if I am close and nodes are being attacked or if I realize that most others go for offense. Paying close attention to the map and "the tides of battle" is key

Favourite weapons:
LG to Shock switch nearly all the time (including Shock Combos). If it comes to close quarter combat I gonna switch to Flak/Rocket Launcher (I consider myself to be pretty good with the Rocket Launcher). Mini/Link Gun is my go to if I am pretty sure that the enemy has low health

Favourite vehicles:
Manta, Goliath

Other useful info:
Trying to keep alive "main vehicles" - like the Goliath/Ion Tank on Masterbath for example
I almost always build nodes (if there is no enemy nearby). If there is someone already linking some node I will try to link up with him
Will check for possible passengers before leaving a base in a vehicle
I can do almost all movement abilities (dodge jump, wall jump, shield dodge etc)
Super-Weapons like the redeemer are not my style so I will leave them to others
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Re: Player Cards

Post by Gaffer »

Name: Gaffer

DM skills: Average - I am one of the score hungry glory hunter scum that plays ONS as if it were DM. I move constantly, but in a predictable fashion. If you have better aim than me than you will dominate me, if not, your best bet is to close the distance between us.

ONS Strategy: I node often and I node hard. I node defensively and I node offensively.

Favourite weapons: LG all day, every day. long range: LG; medium range: LG, shock; short range: LG, shock, flack; free range: LG, eggs

Favourite vehicles: None. Satanic abominations that are determined to bite the hand of the user before ruthlessly ripping said user's head off and feeding it to his dog. I am literally unable to drive a tank in a straight line and have never managed to stay in a vehicle without it blowing up for more than half a minute.

Other useful info: I am magnetically attracted to rockets and will jump into them regardless of how long I have to avoid them. I enjoy shield jumping and often kill myself trying to shield jump on to mantas. Give me an NV map and a LG and I'll be a happy man.
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Re: Player Cards

Post by MrPenguin »

Name: MrPenguin (aka PrincessPenguina)

DM skills: Average? I also play a lot on a Ballistic mod server where I'm pretty good at DM, but it means I don't get any practice at it with standard UT weapons!

ONS Strategy: Usually focus on node building, unless there are good cutoff points in the enemy network. I also do a lot of "node denial" with spam on maps like Tyrant. Sorry!

Favorite weapons: Flak, Lightning Gun, Shock

Favorite vehicles: Badger. Also support vehicles such as Link Tank, Link Scorpion, and the rocket launcher thing. I like teaming up on a strategic vehicle.

Other useful info: I'm terrible at timing shock combos. I love using invisibility to get all sneaky. I really, really hate the Falcon.