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Name: ArturoBrin (old nickname Trumfar)

DM skills: I presume average. I don't leave from fights so you better kill me or I'll find you :twisted:

ONS strategy: I'm universal soldier, creating and destroying nodes, covering and healing the teammates. it depends on the map, if I know the layout very well (Stonewall, Impulze, Bitchslap, Tyrant, Dreamus...) I'm more aggressive. Will always focus on healing a node, even locked ones

Favorite weapons: Rocket launcher for almost all situations, Shock rifle for long distance (not so good with Shock combo, but I'm learning), Avril and Link gun for vehicle operations

Favorite vehicles: No preference, depends what is first on sight. I love to be a support gunner in Badger or Cicada, I'm good with Goliath in a covered space without raptors (Bitchslap, Tyrant). Damn, now I figured I love maps without air vehicles :wtf: . Maybe I should delete last sentence...

Other info: I'm berserker, more aggressive player (in real life I'm opposite), I love to create chaos on enemy lines. I don't focus on individual score, so if you need a player to take one for a team (attacking bigger vehicles, making a diversion), I'm your man. On other end, I can support you (healing, clearing sky of air attacks)