What are match events?

Match event
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What are match events?

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Match event are small matches between players from our server on the CEONSS Match Server (not the Main Server). They last about 2 hours. Usually I'm the one organizing it. If I'm unavailable, another admin could also organize an event.

Here's how these events work:

- 1 event usually lasts around 2 hours (roughly 5 maps, each 1 round of 20 minutes)
- usually there is 1 event every 2 weeks
- players sign up on forum beforehand to join a match
- 10 or 12 players can participate (maximum of 12)
- the admin suggests teams beforehand (if possible)
- maps for the event can be voted from reduced map list (only small and medium maps, no zombie maps) by the players or suggested by the organizing admin
- 1 NV map per event
- no custom mods

I will make a new thread for every event, so please watch this section if you want to join (or let me know so I can notify you). :)