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Postby Zon3r » Mon 2. Oct 2017, 19:02

I have mentioned this hole online, but i guess showing it is faster. Tried finding other ones, but gave up. one of the primaries in the trench/canal has/had a hole next to it or something, cause sometimes it happens/happened that when i land, and exit the flier, it falls trough the ground, but couldn't recreate it, maybe it got fixed.

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Postby Miauz55555 » Mon 2. Oct 2017, 20:18

Thank you.

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Postby Cat1981England » Tue 3. Oct 2017, 21:18

Yes, thank you Zon3r.

I didn't forget about this, i just haven't had time to fix it.

Also want to add for any possible bug fixing volunteers, there's an invisible blocking volume above node 5 or 9 (can't remember). It's a build error, not an actual volume.
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