What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

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Re: What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

Post by Pegasus » Sun 27. Jan 2013, 00:51

The thing is, Rotten, for a lengthy period of time leading up to these days we've had an excess of content-related opinions and judgements voiced ingame on CEONSS and, at the same time, a deficit of what you describe as "scientific investigations" in this internet forum. People would throw around all kinds of casual and unsubstantiated evaluations on content quality repeatedly to the tune of "this [map/vec/weap] sux, remove it", "why haven't you added that [map/vec/weap] yet? it's hosted on other servers and I like it" and whatnot, often even conflicting with each other, and soon Heinz would start feeling obligated to do something to placate this (exclusively ingame) vocal group since, apparently, the map roster was problematic or imbalanced in this or that way because ponies n' reasons. Then a few days later, cue the protestations of another group who now demanded to know why their beloved map(s) got removed and assorted complaints about how the server was now worse because the roster's makeup skews more toward the wrong side of the DM/tankspam equilibrium, whichever way they imagined that to ideally be.
See, although the msg board was always plenty visible, referenced and promoted, few would take the time to come here and actually engage in meaningful debate about why the roster should be changed, how, based on what solid arguments and with what principles in mind in order to improve CEONSS. If I had to guess, that'd be because shooting a few, quick ingame gripes was the most some folks cared to put into their effort as long as they'd get something out of it down the road from Heinz. Eventually, all this tiresome back n' forth, all the constant fidgeting with the roster to the appeasement and appreciation of almost nobody lead to admin fatigue (never mind the guy's personal wishes and expectations of the server, those are a whole other story...) and pretty much where we are now: trying to come up with and put in place some late, preventative measures to stop more systemic cracks from happening. Yes, part of the problem has been addressed with the generous help of our 2 deputies for the immediate future regarding the grinding aspect of everyday peacekeeping, but that still leaves this long outstanding, structural issue I described above: concluding on a collection of good ONS content for the community.

I, too, have my own views on what content makes for the best ONS - some of which I've elaborated on here - that some other members probably won't care for; this pretty much goes for everyone. What I can tell you with 100% certainty, though, is that by not pressing people to reveal the thought process behind their appraisals, by not starting to hound them to back up their claims of good/poor quality - even a bit, by simply collecting one-liner messages from ingame sessions and trying to base roster-altering decisions just on those we're never gonna get unstuck and moving towards a better server. Instead, we're only liable to continue pulling toward our various, favourite playstyle directions until we hit a breaking point and the community starts getting torn apart. I do not want that and that's why I've decided to start pressing more for answers here and no longer let ppl just "get away" with hollow, self-serving commentary on the CEONSS maplist or individual maps - esp. not when I know them to be wrong. In my mind, doing anything less at this point would be contributing to a downward spiral and I simply won't accept that for this server. I hope you see now why this is nothing personal, Rotten, but still very necessary all the same. Btw, plz note that I'm not talking about simple statements of personal taste here, like "I like this map" or "that vec is the worst for me!" either - those are entirely fair game and everyone's entitled to their own; my peeve has to do with ppl who assert their opinions as fact ("this is a bad map") but never back them up.
Nobody would have to write up multi-paragraph treatises to present their views (ahem :p), but I think coming over to offer us even a few lines of justification on why you do/don't want something in the roster or what should be fixed is not too much to ask. It would greatly help an admin to sift through the various opinions and make informed decisions from the commentary to improve the server in ways the community wants and that's pretty much the purpose of the msg board. I've said it before and I'll say it again: we have over a quarter of our community lurking around with 0 posts. This could use some changing. Being part of the silent majority doesn't help; come over here, get other players to follow too, and speak up :)!

Okay, rant over for now. I'll be back to cover the MasterBath specifics next post.
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Re: What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

Post by GLoups! » Mon 28. Jan 2013, 16:05

Hi Pegasus, just some words… about the critics in the game, the reactions of the style “this map is worthless” or “this is a good chart” emanate from here or here, it should be understood like the fact of a player has difficulty to make a success of this will say “it is a bad map”,the other with a good score will say “I love this”, it is a human reaction and not very useful and constructive, but not the sorrow to make yourself Sick man with this.
Now, Crusha take an example of a map that works and say 'I wonder why this card works',you should take the problem upside and wonder 'why this map(not the same) is not quite performed', 'what the problem whith it? …', quite a lot of cards are seldom votes, why? , I do not know, but if the ratio between the rotation of the cards and the fact that players votes for the maps they prefer, must be modify, that will not solve the problem.
I pointed out that the gameplay of a map can change drastically according to its allocation in weaponry, especially the vehicles, independently of his decorative structure. (like Nevermore has two versions, radically different)
The goal being to level the gameplay and to prevent that the game finishes in a few minutes due to a bad balance.
I have a question:why the majority of minos are park in the base at the beginning of the maps?,that does not require efforts and that supports waiting for it to respawn.
Gunshop and Masterbath have a check equilibre but have a thing that you seem to have forgotten and it is important : the majority is not bored because there are a lot of actions to achieve,different ingame options (Gunshop) and lots of short action.
Other cards lacks to motivate the players or have a blocking point that make them unattractive, that is to determine, as twinfangbeta is an example that come me to mind have a poor distribution of vehicles.
Space enginneer has largely to improve slated world and do a good job. Btw, I would have liked to be a mappor unfortunately I lack of time for that, see you ingame.

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Re: What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

Post by ThunderCat » Sat 16. Apr 2016, 23:35

Hey guys! :wave:

I experienced some weird texture glitch on GunShop while playing tonight. It appeared from almost every angle/distance from where I was standing -- and it would always cover the same area (around node 6 on blue team).

Nobody else seemed to notice it or failed to mention anything about it -- so it might just be something that went bad on my end. But considering how it behaved so constant I thought I'd snap a couple of screenshots and share.

This was the only thread related to Gunshop I could find in the feedback-section -- so I figured I'd post it here rather than creating a new one :p
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Re: What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

Post by Cat1981England » Sun 17. Apr 2016, 08:15

Hmm, that's very strange. I was playing that map last night and didn't see anything like that, but i'm using directx on win 7 and you are using MacOS x and openGL. Are there any other Mac users here who have seen this glitch?

The map is divided into zones and the visual glitches you are seeing are in one of those zones. Try playing the map offline and see if it is still happening.

ONS-Gunshop-C-SP3.zip I think Mac can see/use .zip files, if not let me know and i'll upload in a different format.
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Re: What is it that people enjoy about GunShop?

Post by [P]etya » Sun 17. Apr 2016, 13:39

I think people enjoy GunShop because:
-Ion Plasma Tank

Who doesn't like nuking in this game? :D