THI-TripleSlap problems

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THI-TripleSlap problems

Postby Kenny--OMG!! » Wed 26. Feb 2014, 13:41

Long story short: I allways have a poor-to-unusable FPS on this map.

Yes, I run UT on an outdated laptop with no dedicated graphics card and the in-game graphics settings dumbed down to almost... well... "blurry". And yes, sometimes I'm on wireless connection too. But it's the only map on Ceonss from which I sometimes have to disconnect due to the inability to play properly. I'm not sure what the technical description of the simptom is, I think it's frame drop. Most times I play this map I can adapt and only have trouble keeping up in close-range duels (and dodging Funky from across the map, LOL), but sometimes I outright miss even one or two seconds of gameplay leading to my being fragged like a cow standing still in the middle of a freeway.

Why is it that this single map stands out from all the other ones as such a dreading FPS fiasco? Is the map really that demanding in resources? Should I be ashamed of attempting play with my shitty hardware?

Also, the core area turrets are a real drag on this map since they can target all the way across the field near the enemy core. Couple the lazy turret campers with my awful FPS and you've got me pinned down every time I come under their fire. I believe Zon3r addressed this concern ages ago here, but it's never been picked up I guess. As such, I would love it if someone moved those turrets a tad closer to the cores or put some barricades into their paths - like in BitchSlap.

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Re: THI-TripleSlap problems

Postby Cat1981England » Fri 28. Feb 2014, 21:56

If you play the map offline and then have a look at your UT2004.log file you'll see a lot of map errors. Although there's a few maps that do this, it could be a particular error with this map which is causing you problems unlike some of the other ones. I'm not sure there is any way around this without fixing the map or upgrading your laptop :(
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Re: THI-TripleSlap problems

Postby waleed836 » Tue 2. Jun 2015, 09:56

With 30 players there was a great deal more fighting and the game became more interesting, however once one side has taken control of the two centre nodes (5 and 6) and has a fair few players defending them, it becomes very difficult to get back into the match and feels like a traditional map with a choke point even if there is two nodes. A handful of players left during the game.

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