Aggressive Alleys

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Re: Aggressive Alleys

Post by Butze » Sun 20. Dec 2015, 11:59

Maniac wrote:Shock and LG and ofc the Deemer are the only ways to take out such players
no , i solve the problem with manta.
You can use Assault Rifle grenade under the Manta -> manta is on the top. :muahaha:

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Re: Aggressive Alleys

Post by Sernemissza » Sun 17. Jan 2016, 11:22

First of all: I completely agree with [P]etya.
I tried kill these campers with lightning, but sometimes he was in the Badger (which is repaired with his link gun),
sometimes got direct shot, aimed his head, yet he was alive because he had personal shield and probably BKH too.

Otherwise i can jump high with a manta, and you can shot me up to the roof with shock-rifle or Hellbender's rear turret.
I will gladly kill it for you, or i will die during trying.
You know, roadkilling on the air, floor and roof is my favourite.
Butze wrote:You can use Assault Rifle grenade under the Manta -> manta is on the top. :muahaha:
It's required teamwork too, isn't it?

One more thing:
I found an other glitch, such as one of the vehicle has no team color.
This is a dark blue scorpion-clone, called Spider.
The blue color means sometimes i shot my own team mate, sometimes ignored my opponent.
Can we give a claret team color for that vehicle, or at least replace it for another type?