Stonewall spawn at core bug

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Stonewall spawn at core bug

Postby Steinein » Sun 30. Nov 2014, 23:51

Hey all,

Surely most of you are aware that on Stonewall there is quite a high chance of getting a bug that causes you to spawn at the powercore everytime you die.
Setting a node to spawn at can help, but as a soon as it receives damage you are back to spawning at the core again.
I get this bug pretty much everytime when I play Stonewall, other people seem to have the same thing, but I'm not sure if it affects everybody.
Once I get it, I keep spawning at the core for the rest of the game, which can be quite annoying (wasting time walking to the core and teleporting somewhere else).

So I thought I'd put it on the forum, maybe we can fix it this way? Anyone has an idea how?
Btw, very rarely I get this on other maps too (Spacecargo I think?), but not nearly as often as on Stonewall.


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Re: Stonewall spawn at core bug

Postby RottenToTheCore » Mon 1. Dec 2014, 18:44

Hey Stein,

i didn't experience this.

Noticed it on VK's playground a couple of times. It's vice versa though; when i try to click at the middle primary node, i again spawn at the node i came from.



Re: Stonewall spawn at core bug

Postby [P]etya » Mon 1. Dec 2014, 19:54

I also get that bug frequently on Stonewall, but again Stonewall just sucks. :P Don't know whether it is fixable though

That issue on the VK's playground map is intentional to prevent the player from spawning in the middle. Other nodes work

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Re: Stonewall spawn at core bug

Postby joeblow » Tue 2. Dec 2014, 08:48

Ok well for me I get it at Bridge of fate all the time. I set my spawn node on that map but it will fall back to the core a lot.

Stonewall I cant remember it doing that for me recently.

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