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Re: OperaHouse

Postby GLoups! » Sat 26. Sep 2015, 20:16

Fully agree with your opinion droopy, I thought not adding flying gear, instead removing three badgers and put the last one near the opera and replace them with a version of scorpion in a maximum number of 4.
In my opinion, the map have to let the odds on the side of pedestrians.
On the other side to give a little fun but more to defend the bases to allow the equipes to regain their primarys , a powerful vehicule would be good if it spawn at the cores only, like the goliath on spiffingrad.

Droopy_Bollocks wrote:Simplifying the map too much will make it bland and easy, unless that's what we're now aiming for as a server then why do it?

This may be have several interpretations, if you want to talk about the visual side - content of the map, I will not cut into the quality, a square face of a mesh can contain one hundred of triangles or although only two, well it will be more beautiful with two.

Droopy_Bollocks wrote:
there are buildings unused that could be made to serve good purposes (difficult to reach deemers, health etc)

This is a track to follow to make the route harder by adding somes nodes there.

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Re: OperaHouse

Postby Droopy_Bollocks » Sat 26. Sep 2015, 21:49

Ah Gloups, when I said simplifying I meant purely layout and ground terrain to make it easier to drive on etc rather than the visual aspect

I like maps that limit vehicle speed, slows down the easy resupply of players and gives attackers at least a chance and incentive to hit a node hard.

Overall I like the map tbh, it's got some nice sniping positions and some lovely areas for close quarter stuff

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