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Thanks for your feedback Joe. Have you played the version without the Mino and without the other super tanks? What do you think about the vehicle louadout?
Most players seemed to like the version without power tanks more than the mino version.
From point of lightning I like the dark versions more than the bright ones, too.

I darkly remember that on that maps is black fog. Should take a look on one of the maps. Together with the one coloured sky everything is fading out perfectly.

The most maps we have do already have as widest fog distance the length witch can shoot a normal tank. And you can adjust it normally in game to lower the fog distance so you get more fps. When the map is made right. That means there is a high chance that if you don't have it on 100% that other players will see further than you. I mean it was 28000uu or 25k. LG and Shock are lower. May need to try it again. So in general it's what you described.
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No I havent played anything I am on leave since January. I remember Nevermore being way to manta heavy in its more original form.

Minus is "at night" on the server I think always has been. Thats part of the "nightwolf" mod. He was an admin on Death Warrant server. Omni has a version where it appears its raining or something. it plays horrible on all my rigs but Im still on there firewall block making it nearly impossible to play more than 10 mins there.

Last time I played Nevermore E bola sat at our core with the PPC and shot the other teams prime most of the match.... started loosing and logged...that told me it was time to take a break.

People vote these maps with the fog knowing they have an edge on the other players. Just like people like the super shock maps because there pings 30 and there shooting at people with pings of 120.

If you want a "fair play" server you need to minimize these map traits instead all I see if we are maximizing them.